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I'm not good at answering questions

I got nominated twice for the Liebster Award, once from Anna and once from my cutie Ina
Thanks girls!

First the questions from Anna:

What is your favorite thing in the whole world?
Does being in Tokyo count? D:

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have so many... Biggest definitly is Ian Somerhalder as Damon from the Vampire Diaries (yep just as Ina's too). Others are Yamashita Tomohisa, Tom Hiddleston, Dylan O'Brien, Jensen Ackles and many more

What's the one clothing item you couldn't do without?
My favorite pair of boots! I wear them nearly every day. Don't care if it's summer or winter.

If you could only wear one make-up item, what would it be?

What do you suck at?
That's not so easy to answer actually. There are things I'm not good at but I don't suck at them. I'm so sorry but I have no idea what to answer.

If you had a tote animal, what would it be?
A fox. I love foxes. I also love raccoons and cats but foxes have something special.

What is your biggest dream?
I don't have one. I already fullfilled mine 2 years ago.

What are your top 3 guilty pleasures?
1 - I drink way too much coke.
2 - I can never say no to cake.
3 - I won't stop dancing when I'm drunk.

What would be your dream outfit?
I don't have one dream outfit. I just want more rockish clothes that match my character.

What do you think is your most redeeming quality?
I am strong, mentally.
My friends always tell me that I am really strong, that I just put my crown back on right and walk my way, no matter what happened.

Have you ever had regrets about something you did?
I had, but things changed and I don't regret anything in life because everything lead me to where I am now and I am happy with my life now.

✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

And the questions from Ina:

Your last weird dream? 
I have that one type of dream rather often. I travel somewhere and I realize I forgot my stuff, go back home and pack and get extremly stressed. And then my dream changes its subject,

The most favorite item you carry around? 
 My silver ring I got years ago from my mother. I won't leave my house without wearing it or having it in my pocket.

The most embarrassing story that ever happened to you? 
 I always thought it's really embarrassing when I made a serious mistake in one of the languages I was studying. Not in school but when I was talking to a person whose native language was that language.

The thing you love?
Dark colored Lipstick.

Tea or coffee? 
Depends on my mood.
Your obsession? 
Plush Alpakas.

The Song that represents you - your mind - your feeling at the moment? 
 Absolution - The Pretty Reckless

Your last picture on your phone and the story behind? 
 This picture is from Summer 2012. The day I met my dear Rui.

Last tumblr reblog? 
 The moon reminds me of you. So beautiful, so bright and so far away.

Last instagram picture? 
It's the same as the last one on my phone.

A quote you love?
Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.

✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

And last but not least, the 11 random facts about me:

I am highly addicted to anything Harry Potter related.
I am planning several tattoos and therefor saving money.
My cat is my little treasure.
I am way to honest, which is the reason lots of people don't like me.
I highly disliked Frozen.
I don't want to think about my future, 5 years from now.
If I could move to another country, far away, I would do it.
Some of my closest friends I got to know through my love to Japan.
I will never stop liking Japanese Fashion or Japanese Music.
I like to be alone but I hate to feel lonely.
This was so hard for me!

  ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝ ✝

My nominees are:

This is silly but I'd like to nominate my readers. I follow lots of blogs with more than 200 followers and I thought some of you might like to do this too. I am happy for all of you reading my blog and following me on twitter, instagram and tumblr.

and here are the questions for you guys:

What country do you want to visit? - Which person is the one you couldn't live without? - Do you have any things you hate about people's behaviour? - Do you think it's important to be honest all times? - If you could change one thing about you or you life, what would it be? - Rock or Pop Music? - Your favorite accessory? - Do you get easily a crush on someone? - Have you ever been so disappointed by someone that you changed? - Are you addicted to anything? - Are you more of a TV series or a movie person?

♡ xoxo ♡


  1. Great answers! I did this recently too, and it was tricky figuring out what to reply. ^^ Another person who dislikes Frozen, yay, I'm not the only one. ^^


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