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Tokyo haul post

Hey everyone!
Before I start blogging about my time in Tokyo, I thought I'd quickly share what I got :3 The current exchange rate is so low that I went crazy on shopping but I regret nothing. I bought so many nice things there, mostly d.i.a and ma*rs. Hope you enjoy~

These are probably my favorite items :3

 left: d.i.a jacket, top and bra
right: ma*rs jacket and skirt

 d.i.a coat

 left: Fernoopa top and skirt
right: Tutuha dress, Fernoopa top
I got these Fernoopa items in a Lucky Bag the day before I left. I really like them!

 Ghost of Harlem jacket and Ma*rs skirt

 Fernoopa boots, Ghost of Garlem long sleeve, d.i.a bra, Ghost of Harlem top

Ma*rs dress, Ma*rs top, Skinny Lip tops

I also got some accessories and finally a Ma*rs bag!
I kind of went crazy on buying d.i.a belts as you see and got myself another Glavil belt.
The small bag on the right was a Valentines Fair gift from d.i.a, I love it so much.

Of course I bought some jewellry too!

 aaaaand lots of new cosmetic items, I think they are not all on this picture.

I also got a couple of CD's and DVD's, figures, a Yamapi uchiwa, couple of Arashi pictures and a new Arupaka plushie. My favorite items are definitly the new d.i.a coat and I finally got my hand on some d.i.a bras too. I was kind of disappointed by the items d.i.a had during the time I was there, but later when they got their new Collection, I could finally get my hands on these nice items.

I'll blog soon again!


  1. Awesome gets! I'm still sad that d.i.a. does not have an online shop.... I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your trip. ^^

  2. omg I love all of your clothes ;//////; <3

  3. Awesome stuff!
    I want everything!


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