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Int. Gyaru Lovers Winter Meet Up 2014

Hello everyone~
Yes I am back already! I wanted to share the great time I had in Frankfurt on the meet-up with all of you :3 It was such a nice day+night and I hope to meet everyone soon again. This post is seriously picture heavy!


On firday, Jojo came to Cologne to stay at my place for one night so we could drive with my car to Frankfurt the other day. Jojo and I went to walk a bit through Cologne before we went together with Binh to the new Cat Café in the evening. It was a really nice and relaxing day :3

On saturday we got up early to prepare our make-up and hair already. I am so not a morning person xD" Jojo had to nearly drag me out of bed! But I was the first one to be finished anyway 8D I am so fast with my make-up and my hair once wanted as I want so it was ready quite fast too!

early morning when my hair was still curly and nice
Done with packing, we went to pick up Sui and Ina at the main station and finally were on the way to Frankfurt. Party car xD It was so nice having the 3 of them with me! I am happy that I could get Jojo to come and that Sui and Ina decided to join us 8Dv 
In Frankfurt, after being stuck in a traffic jam, we first went to our Hotel, which was in a quite strange part of the city but it was very close to the main station where the meet should start. The staff was so unfriendly with Sui and me when we wanted to check in, but after we got our rooms it was okay. Sui and Ina had to do their hair and after that we all went to the meeting point. 

Jojo and me derping around already 8D
Ina, Sui, me and Jojo ready to go!

It felt so weird! Everyone was waiting for us ;^; So sorry guys to make you wait! The 4 of us were so impressed by the mass of people. So many Gyaru and Gyaru-o! Unbelievable but true :3 Of course we took the time to take pictures with each other while we waited for the rest.
Ina and me~ our hair matched 8D

Sui~ I love you so much ;^;
Jennyfer and me

There were soooo~ many people that it was hard to take pictures with everyone Dx I was so happy to see lots of my friends again. For example Jennyfer and I met the last time in Tokyo in summer 2012. Way too long ;O; our group existed of Gyaru from all over the world, there were people from: Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, England and France. I hope I didn't forget any ._.

After our group was complete, we went to a shopping center to take the group pictures and wanted to take outfit pictures etc too, but~ never hope that everything's going as planned. After we took the Group pictures, the staff came to us and literally threw us out. Of course all of us who spoke german went to talk to the staff but they were just like "you are too many people, you should have asked before for permission" Which is simply ridiculous, we didn't harm anyone and the shopping center was seriously huge, we didn't bother anyone. But we had to leave, so we decided to split up and many of us went to get something to eat. Here are some pictures we managed to take before we had to leave.

Jennyfer, Sui, Ina, Ronja and me. My girls <3 td="">
stupid pose 8D (pic from Ina)
  Group shot!
huge group right!? (click on it to see it in full size)
with Grazia and Claire from Italy
Grazia, Claire, Frederica, Ina, Sui, Alessia, Jojo
 I was so happy to meet these girls again! I've met Grazia and Clair in Paris and I just get along so well with them ;^;  I wish we would see each other more often!

After that, I went with a group of 16 people to Pizza Hut but we had to split up inside. I sat together with Sasha, Ronja, Jada and Yami. It was nice talking to all of them :3 I suddenly got so tired that I nearly fell asleep while sitting down. So we decided to go take some more pictures before we had to meet the group again. My hair looks kinda fucked up already because it was raining outside ;_;

outfit: top-Ma*rs, skirt-Cool Cat, boots-Taobao

Ronja and me, love you!
Jada cutie! She's a sweety :3

with our Japanese girls Miku-chan and Eriko (pic from Miku-chan)
 Of course we took some derp pictures too! 8D
This ones my favorite from Jada:

Sasha, Jada, Ronja and me
After that we met up with the whole group again and drove to the Karaoke bar together. I didn't take any pictures at the bar at all ;_; I was just walking around all the time to talk to as many people as possible. I tried to enjoy the time with all of them. The Karaoke Bar was really nice! It looked like a Host Club though xD Daniel and Wesley seemed to like that though ;D but the bar had the boxes as in Japan, we just had to fill 4 rooms I think, due to the amount of people we were. It was really nice :3 
Later that night, we had to say hello to lots of the Gyaru already ;^; also to Ronja and Sasha because they didn't go to the club with us. Such a pity! I'd love to have spend more time with them. Especially those two 8D Well Ina, Sui, Jojo and me went to our hotel to get changed into our clubbing outfits and met the others at the main station again before heading to the club.

me looking all grumpy already xD"
At the main station I finally could take the time to take a picture with Ethan. I've met him in 2012 too and also in Paris last year. He's from Switzerland and he's such a nice person :3 It was nice talking to him and at least I have that picture as "outfit pic" xD"

I wore my Glavil cross dress as I had for the GazettE concert

At the club, I had the best time since a really long time!
group picture!
with Alessia, Jojo and Claire while dancing :3
wtf were we doing? xD"

And that's it! We went clubbing until around 4.30am I think. It felt really good dancing with all the girls and guys and I could take the time to talk to some others I didn't talk to yet during the day. I loved it so much. I really hope the next meet-up will be as nice as this one! A big big big thanks to Kitai for organising it. You are the best!


  1. Awww!! I hope to meet you soon again, come to Italy!

  2. I want to! Maybe next year :D


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