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the GazettE in Paris and Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

Hey everyone~
Yep, I am still alive. Sorry for not blogging lately but I didn't feel like it. There are a few things changing from october on in my life; I will study in Cologne! I got accepted at the School for Graphic Design and my bestie Ayoyumi and I will live together. We found a perfect apartment last week and we can't wait to live together and enjoy live :D We had the dream to live and study together since our childhood and now it's becoming real.
Well when I study in Cologne I will also finally be able to meet lots of my friends from around there and might be able to attend lots of Gyaru Meets. Can't wait!

Now on to what I wanted to blog about:

the GazettE in Paris

Hell yes I could go to the concert! I was really looking forward to it even though I was a bit scared too. I am used to the audiences in Japan, which are completely from the ones in Europe. But the experience was really positive! The people were quite nice and everyone rocked during the concert, a bit different than you should on a Gaze concert but oh well. Before the concert I met my friend Suji from Korea, she's a cutie. We've met at the ScreW concert in Tokyo and we planned to meet on this concert again.
We waited together in the FC and VIP pass line while my boyfriend had to cue in the Regular Ticket line. Well not really, he decided to drink a beer instead and cue when lots of people went already in xD" I understood that because the cue was huge! Even our FC line was really long. It was crazy. When they finally let us inside the hall, everyone ran inside. I was the only one walking inside and decided to stand kind off at the back of the hall, in front of the light and sound staff. I could put my bag close to the fence too and I was sure that my bf could join me there later.

The concert itself was a really nice concert. I couldn't see them that good because I had tall people in front of me but I was like "I don't care, I've seen them from so close already that I will just enjoy the concert." and that's what I did. They played so many good songs and yep as encore they played Ruder and Linda, of course! I couldn't hold myselve back xD" I just loved it and the time flew by so quickly.
I will be going to their other concert in Dortmund on wednesday too and I bet it will be awesome too :D I will meet lots of german friends there, which I relly look forward to.

I took some picture of the goods at the concert in Paris because I checked for pics online and couldn't really find some. I am sorry for the blurry pic but a security guy was saying I should go away -.-

The t-shirt on the upper left was for sale too, 25€ I think, but the white one wasn't. The Poster was 10€.
left side: 
T-Shirt 25€ (I think), old merch such as slippers, make-up bag (inside ring, hair pin and necklace) 30€, bracelet and mirror (not sure) , long tour towel 30€, small "the GazettE" towel 15€, "Groan of Diplosomia" shopping bag 5€, handy sticker

right side:
shirts 35€ (not sure), Hoodie/Jacket 50€, Rad Man t-shirt 30€ , Black Moral laptop case 25€, iPhone 4/4s case 20€, iPhone Jack accessory 2 kinds 10€, Jacket 25€

I got myselve only the hoodie and the Rad Man shirt. Here are pictures of this awesome shirt:

 For pictures of some of the other goods, please visit my friend's blog! Houri Claire

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii

On Sunday I went to the new event "Tokyo Crazy Kawaii" in the "Parc Floral de Paris" at Château de Vincennes. It was about 1hr30min from where my hotel was. My friends Grazia, Claire and I decided to meet at a metro station to go together. My boyfriend had left Paris the day before because he had uni work to do. At the event, we met the really cute Finlay too. We've met her after the concert too and we all decided to go together to the Gyaru Meet of the new French Galsa at 3pm.

We've walked around and were all quite disappointed. The event was so small! Okay there were Gyaru Brands such as Glad News, Liz Lisa, Duras etc but beside that their stuff wasn't that cute, the rest there was kinda meh boring. They had some purikura machines too and lots of food stands haha. Some of you might have read that the Galsa Black Diamond was present too, well yes they were. The French Galsa and BD performed some ParaPara together and uhm BD looked so bored and kinda pissed off... Also when people went to them after it to take pictures they were like "ok... *sigh*" It was kinda weird.

before their performance
I was lucky to get a picture with one of the members anyway, she was really cute. Her nails were hella long, I don't know how they can do normal things with those. Later at the event some BD members wanted pictures with us and when she took my friend huge camera she nearly couldn't press the shutter button because of her nails. They looked nice and so but I would never get them.

At the event we found a nice wall to take pictures at :D We decided to get some shots of ourselves together and suddenly so many people gathered around and wanted to have pictures of us or with us. I think we were stuck there for about 15minutes because of that and we kind of ran away when there weren't many people anymore... We didn't go there to be photographed, but to enjoy time together. During the whole event people approached us to take pictures, why? I think it was becaue we 4 were dressed in more Rokku/Gothikku outfits not like the other Gyaru there. There weren't that many Cosplays or other people dressed in J-fashion either. In general there weren't that many people anyway...

When we were walking around we also found Kimura U :D She was ready to go on stage but took her time to get a picture with us. She is such a cutie!

I look so happy x_x

When walking around I saw the Swiss Gyaru Circle "Sweet Revenge" too.  They are really nice :3 unfortunately I didn't think about taking pictures with them ;_; But luckily Ethan got one from me and Holly! Thank you so much~

After we've seen everything we only sat down to take a rest and take some outfit pictures. Finlay went around with her friend at that time. We met later at the Gyaru Meet again. My outfit was all Glavil and I wore my Prisila Half Wig afte such a long time, felt kinda weird. We took so many pictures at the whole event. My friends took some too and I thought I should share the best ones with you :D

derp pictures are a must!

Maybe you know Finlay? She's a blogger from England who know lives and studies in Paris. Here are her blog and tumblr~ I was so happy to meet her because I admire her style. I contacted her when I saw that she moved to Paris. She's such a sweet girl and I hope I meet her soon again :3

I just love her style ;^;
Now about the "supposed to be" Gyaru Meet with Diamant Rose and Black Diamond. I don't have a good feedback on this, even when I think the girls might be really nice but I didn't have a good impression. At first, when they saw us earlier at the event they didn't great us, we thought okay maybe later. At the time of the meet, the 2 Gal Circles went on stage to begin the meeting and BOOM so many people gathered around, random people, and took pictures. It felt like an hour. We were just standing there waiting for this to finish. One of the girls approached us and asked our names, where we were from etc but didn't tell us what they planned to do on the meet. After their photo session *cough* Myriam, the leader, and the other girl came to us again and told us they want to go out with all of us and to talk and learn ParaPara together. We 4 decided to get something to eat first and join them outside, we were starving. But when we got out the meeting was already finished or they just didn't pay attention to us. I really don't know what to think about all this. Today I had messages from Myriam apologizing for the "mess" at the meet and that she hopes to see us again on a different meet in Paris. I told her that I won't be able to go, because I will study in Germany.

To make it short: It was a big fail. When I wrote about it on fb, some of my friends replied things like "another french meet with bad feedback" or "they never show up on international meets too". I went to this event just because of the meet, and I got so disappointed by it. What would I've done without my friends? They made the day worth it. I hope that the french Gyaru will start on organising their meets better in the near future and that they will show up on some of the international meets too. Currently the German Gal Unit "Rising Star" is planning on for January in Frankfurt Am Main and I asked Myriam to come too. It's time for them, the french Gyaru, to get better feedback.

Some of you might think that they didn't really talk to us because we weren't speaking french, we did. My nearly second language is french, I am fluent in it, and my friends Claire and Finlay spoke it too. So that wasn't a barrier either.

As finish, here are some of the Puris I took with the girls before I had to leave to catch my train.

Thanks for reading this huge blogpost! Hope you liked it~
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See you soon!


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