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the GazettE in Dortmund

Here I am again!
I felt like writing a little concert "review" today. Yesterday on my tumblr I already wrote a bit about it and today after doing a post about how the FC and VIP tickets etc work, I thought doing a blog post might be good.
If you want to know about the FC and VIP passes please check my post on tumblr here.

The concert was in Dortmund so I decided to stay at Ayoyumi's place in Cologne that night. Dortmund is quite a long car drive from Luxembourg, and driving it 2 ways in one day is too exhausting. Thanks again sweetie for letting me stay :3 After arriving in Cologne, I got myselve ready and went to the station because I had to pick up 4 friends of me there. Driving together to Dortmund, woohoo party~ or not, but it was nice talking.
I took an outfit shot before driving to the station. I know it's not that good and of course I forgot to ask a friend to take a good one for me later. Sorry! The top/dress is from Glavil :3 Got it the day before. I wore a simple black skirt underneath it, tights and my Noctex leg garter. Oh and cozy boots for the concert.

At the venue we were so shocked how long the actual FC and VIP cue was! I never expected that after I had seen the one in Paris. And the worst thing was that people already were pushed together in the front rows long before the concert... I mean, hello? That brings you nothing! I guess some people will never learn. We got our FC passes at 4.30 or so I think only and decided to get something to eat and drink before the entry of the FC members. I will be honest, we were part of those people who just squeezed into the long line when the door opened. Regrets? Nope.

I think I should explain why. I am an FC member and would have to get all the long way down the cue so VIP ticket holders would be in front of me. Some of you might say "first come, first serve" but that's just a "No". If you are a FC member, you pay fees to be in it and you expect to be the ones first informed and first served when it comes to concerts. Which means you are the first who should get the info about a tour and the first who should be able to purchase tickets. I know that the ticket system in Europe is different and here no one gives a fuck about your number on the ticket. The GazettE are a Japanese band and they have the Heresey FC where what I said before is normal. So as a Global FC member (now Heresey member too) you think "Okay it will be like in Japan concerning our tickets". Ask some FC members and you will see what their reaction was when there were no news yet about the FC tickets or FC privilege. Now on to the VIP tickets. This thing is bullshit. More than 90€ to see the GazettE in Europe, when I saw that I thought that was a joke. But appearently it wasn't. Now when you think about VIP tickets you obviously think that they might be seperated inside from regular ticket holders too right? Well guess what: Nope. And that is the part what made me think that those tickets are bullshit.

my 2 FC passes

So back to the reason why me and my friends squeezed into the cue. As FC members we should have been the very first to be let inside, then the VIP tickets and then the Regular tickets. You might know that this was not the case. We decided to do so, because we think that we should have privilege. This might sound really arrogant but think about it, we pay an annual fee for the FC and pay more for the band. But my friends and I didn't squeeze in right in front, we let those people inside where we knew/saw who waited since the early morning and after that we went in. The funny part was that most of the FC members did it that way. I guess we all nearly thought the same thing. Enough rant, on to the rest now!

Inside the hall, my friend came to me (she was in before me) and said with so much joy in her voice "the balcony is open too!" and yup guess what we did. We got the best and the very first spots at the balcony~ :D Here's a picture of our view:

 Oh hell yeah we were so happy! Those were THE lucky spots in the hall. Why? Well during the concert lots of people in the first rows fainted and had to be taken out. We saw from above how much people pushed to the front. With every glass of water that was handed out by the security, we were happy to be up there. When the concert started we couldn't hold ourselves and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Here is the setlist of this concert (it was the same as in Paris):
  • Vortex
  • Leech
  • Before I Decay
  • Gabriel on the Gallows
  • Venomous Spider's Web
  • The Suicide Circus
  • Dripping Insanity
  • Untitled
  • Derangement
  • Headacheman
  • Sludgy Cult
  • Cockroach
  • Filth in the Beauty
  • - Encore
  • Shiver
  • Ruder
  • Linda ~Candydive Pinky Heaven~

The audiance on this concert was way better than the one in Paris. Might also be because I could enjoy it more on the balcony. What I really liked was that Ruki looked a lot at people on the balcony too. I know some of you say now "everyone says that he looked at you" blah! You can tell if he looks up or down right? I am not sure if he looked at me, I just know that he pointed straight into my direction, several times. I didn't freak out about that but it made me really happy to know that he looked at us too. 

Right now I don't know what to say more about the concert. It was amazing, of course. You could tell that the band enjoyed the concert a lot too. Ruki smiled several times, same as Aoi and Uruha. It is however a pity that the only played about 1hour and 30minutes (without the breaks). When they finished I decided to climb onto the fence at the balcony to show Kai that I wanted a drumstick. Yes he saw me and he threw one stick.  ...  But he's so bad at throwing stuff that the stick hit the disco ball and flew into the audience in the arena. I was angry for a second but I really didn't expect to get it anway. He really needs to practice throwing his drumsticks.

After the concert we drank something, talked and took some pictures too. Oh I also met Yuki, Sui and Binh before and after the concert :D I could get them to come to the balcony too and they thanked me a lot for that afterwards. Unfortunately we forgot to take a picture all together ;____; But Ronja and me took some anway~
derp face Ronja and me shinging bright xD"

Thanks so much to all of you who were with me at the concert and also to those who went to it too. Without all of you, the concert wouldn't have been what it was. I am so happy that the German Vkei community rocks that much at concerts, even when some things are in need for a change.

Hope you liked today's post :3 See you soon~


  1. Waah so lucky get to see Gazette >< Love your outfit! <3

  2. I'm so happy! :DD
    Thanks! <3

  3. aw~ thank you :3

  4. I have to be honest with you that what you wrote just now didn't just seem arrogant but was that. You seemed so nice ;_; Reading this makes you seem like you think you're better than some other fans because of FC and should be treated better even when the VIP ticket buyers also paid more just like you did from FC. I'm sorry but I'm really disappointed ;_;

  5. They really have catching up to do here! Maybe we shouldn't have squeezed into the long cue, I know that it wasn't really right to do. But after the 2nd concert like that and people calling us "stupid FC" I was kind of pissed. I guess I let me took by my emotions too much. I'm happy that you understand my point at least.
    Let's just hope that the whole FC thing will be threated differently the next years here too!


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