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Short RL update / Outfit Post

Hey everyone!
Sorry for not blogging lately. I am not in the mood to write a lot here and I think about changing my whole blogger concept. Which means the layout, the things I post about and maybe the title too. I will still go under "sutewi" because I use the name since years but I thought it might be nice for my blog to have an actual title for it. I just don't know yet what it should be like. Well let's see maybe I will have a sudden idea.

Before showing you my latest outfits I want to make a quick update about myselve/my life. I went to the Graphic Design school with my portfolio etc for an interview and it went really good. That was last week and I wait now for the letter which says "Congratulations!" or "We are truly sorry..." well yep. Beside this I haven't been much up to do something. I met some friends, go out with my boyfriend a lot, visit family and help at home to change a bit our house. When I will know if the School in Cologne accepts me, I can finally search for an apartment with my dearest friend Carole. Yes we are planning to move together. Stupid idea? I don't think so. I can't wait to be with her eeeeeevery single day. I am so excited to find a place to live and buy new furniture for it. Love moving into a new home~ But well first I need to get that damn letter right?

I changed my hair btw. It is now red-brown with turquoise (blue-green) dip dye. You will see it on my outfit posts anyway. Enough for now, I hope I will blog soon again.


Casual Wedding Outfit

Blouse: Coolcat
Skirt: Coolcat
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Esperanza
Bag: Jennyfer
Jewellry: Claire's+Forever21

Went to the "Apéritif" of an old friend's wedding and I decided to go with a classy but rockish outfit.

 Skulls and Boots

Jacket: Jennyfer
Top: New Yorker
Shorts: Zara
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Bull Boxer

Rockish outfit for a night out with friends. Went to see the Wolverine, I miss tokyo.

Galaxy is my Favorite Colour

Jacket: Jennyfer
Dress: RomWe
Tights: Dim
Shoes: Bull Boxer

Met my cutie Alice after such a long time!

I also got some new things lately.

Two new lipsticks from Kiko.

A black one and a dark brown one because I really love dark lipsticks. I hope the quality is as good as it seems to be.

New round sunglasses.

I ordered one with gold around but when I opened the package I had two. A black one and the gold one. Lucky me right?

I wore them the first time when I met Alice. I really like them. The size is exactly what I needed and they don't look stupid on my face.

This picture shows you my current haircolour really good.

Iron Fist bag

I always wanted a bag from Iron Fist, because it is by far my favorite clothing brand. I looked through ebay a bit and was lucky to find one I liked.

It didn't arrive yet but I guess it will come soon.

Oh btw, I made myselve a lookbook account today. I am really new to this so I only posted one outfit for now and I think I will change my kind of outfit shots from now on. Here's the link:

That's it for today!
Bye bye~


  1. I love your outfits! <333

  2. Ech well deng Hoer DX Geing meng Hoer deck gearen ganz blo fierwen DX Geseit wierklech gudd aus :3 An wou hues de den Sonnenbrell kaaft? Ech wollt mir och sou een kaafen x)

  3. Firwaat mess du ett dann nett? ;) Gin jo mettlerweil awer gutt faarwen an och gutt hair care produitn. Hun deen op ebay fonnt enner "John Lennon Sonnenbrille" ^-^

  4. Kucken mol wann ech zreck an Taiwan sin, op ech dei hoerfaarw iergentwou fannen ^^

  5. Kenns der se och einfach hei bestellen:

  6. Geil! Thanks ^_^

  7. Nice to meet you! I am a graphic designer in Japan.
    I would interested to watching Kasara on a TV show.
    Do you introduced me to Kasara?

  8. Hi! Sorry but I don't give contact info to people I don't know. Ksara was on several TV shows and I posted some links in my blog posts under "Tokyo 2013".


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