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Latest Gets~

Hello my dear readers~

OMG what happened to her pink layout? O0O
Well I was bored of it, a lot. And I decided that it's time for a change. I wear a lot of black lately and feel more comfortable in rockish outfits so I thought my layout should somehow match. What do you think about it? Do you like it? The header well I don't know yet what I should use as a picture so I just chose a random one.

I am bored at home and I just bought some really nice things. I wanted to share with you what I ordered. Most of the stuff didn't even arrive yet but I am so looking forward to it! And nope I didn't order Gyaru brand stuff except one piece.

Real MA*RS
 found it on the Gyaru Sale group on fb~

I never knew this store before, but through Ina's blog I came across it.
They have a lot of really nice tops and skirts but I decided to get me another pair of Galaxy leggins (can't get enough) and a Galaxy dress. I know~ so much Galaxy print lately?! It looks great with black tops, blazers, shoes, bags etc and I wear a lot of black lately.


You know this shop for sure but guess what! We don't have one in Luxembourg :D
I bought a lot there in Tokyo so today I decided to check their webpage because of their sale.
I found something, I was looking for since months:

No not the shirt, the shorts!


Another store we don't have here in Luxembourg but whose collections I love.
Every time I am somewhere where I know is a topshop, I go shopping.
They have so many nice things.
 High-waisted shorts and Platform sandals

Random Gets

I went shopping with my mom yesterday in some newly made shopping center.
There are some new stores I wanted to see and I needed a new bikini~

Blouse and 2 Tube skirts from Coolcat
Bikini from Freelanders

If you think I spend a lot of money, actually no. Most of those items were on sale and I didn't buy much last month because I moved. Another reason is that my boyfriend and I booked a holiday in Mallorca for a week in September and I needed clothes for the beach~

That's it for now :3
See you soon!


  1. The layout is good :) and omg that ma*rs dress *___* I love how theres a hoodie on it!

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it ^_^
    It's a top, not a dress but I liked the same part, the hoodie. :D I hope it looks good with some black shorts or black tube skirt.

  3. I had that exact thought when I came to your blog HAHA. I was like, checking the url a bunch of times and looking at your sidebar to make sure I was on the right blog.

    Loving the MA*RS top and the galaxy dress <3

  4. I love the new layout. I'm also a huge fan of black! ^__^ Your gets are cute, can't wait to see you wear them.

  5. I hope you still like it even when it's much darker now :O

    I can't wait for those especially! <3

  6. Thank you! ^-^ Glad you like it :D
    I hope I will be able to wear them here in Luxembourg~

  7. I do! You did a great job ^__^


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