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Back in Luxembourg but off to Cologne and Paris~

Hey everyone!
Here I am again from Luxembourg. I arrived safely more than a week ago with all my luggage, no overweight and my packages arrived too. It feels good to be home, feeling completely happy again after so long. Which doesn't mean I miss Tokyo! I miss it of course, especially my friends there, but it was time to me to come back.

Last Weekend in Tokyo

The last weekend in Tokyo I've been to the ScreW concert and met my friend Nicole afterwards. It was the last time meeting a friend and the last concert in Japan. Of course it was a great concert and I had a nice time with my friend too.

It was Manabu's birthday! It was so much fun. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to him in a moment he never thought we would and they even had a cake for him. I'm gonna miss Japanese concerts.

After the concert I met Nicole at Shinjuku and we went to eat. We just wanted to hang around for a bit so we were just talking about random stuff. 

Back Home, wait no!

"Home sweet Home." was the first thing which came in my mind when I went out of the airport and saw my family, my boyfriend and my friend Nathalie waiting there with open arms. I missed them so much! The first week I spent mostly with my boyfriend or with my parents at home. My Jetlag was so bad this time and I even have hayfever =_= Yes now. I can't enjoy the sun outside because I directly start to sneeze so much Dx But I try to enjoy it as much as possible, because you never know when the weather is gonna change again here in Luxembourg.

After my first week here I randomly took part in a giveaway on tumblr held by my friend Thomas. He was giving away one ticket for Perfume's concert in Cologne on Wednesday. And what happened? I won. No wonder with just 2 participants 8D" But yes~ so I had to get to Cologne somehow. Luckily my best friend Caro drove home because of school so we took the car and came back together on Thursday evening :D Apart from the concert, it felt so good spending time with her again. I haven't seen her since March, after she had been in Tokyo for a visit.

before the concert started

The concert was really great! Perfume played around 2 hours I think and the tension was so high of the crowd. Well lots of weird people but I assumed there would be since it's Perfume 8D" I also saw Miss Neko, she was standing in front of me for some time. The rest were quite normal people and Japanese people who came from Japan all the way for the tour. Crazy! The concert hall is really nice. There are 3 stairs in the back which go to a higher part of the hall and we were standing there all the time. Great view~ 8D

Thomas and me :D

I also took some outfit shots before Caro and I left for Cologne the same day:

I finally wore my Ma*rs dress I got in March. I added a simple black tube skirt and a bolero to the outfit. The dress is way too short for me, you can see my buttcheeks xD" So yes I had to do something about it~ I didn't want to but a more ruffled skirt, I was afraid it would make my look chubby. I think this outfit alltogether is a good combination. What do you think?

On the next day Caro had school so I went a bit shopping in Cologne. Got myself a new top and finally the Lush face scrub I wanted for so long. We met again at around 12 and went to Düsseldorf because we both wanted to eat Japanese food. We had delicious Ramen and Gyouza and later went shopping. No not in the Japanese shops, we went to one but when I saw the prices of the magazines, we left. Ridiculous... Oh well so we went to Heinrich Heine Allee where a lot of "normal" shops are. We had a frozen yoghurt and then back to Cologne because Caro had another course in the evening. I decided to wait for her in the car, I was so tired, and later we drove back home together. It is always so much fun with her!

I love her.

Shortly back in Luxembourg again I only had one day to relax and then I would go to Paris already. Yes already 8D As I said, the Perfume concert wasn't really planned. I think I wrote in a post before that I would go to the Japan Expo in Paris. And well it was this weekend. Caro and I took the train really early in the morning so we had to get up at 4am. Guess what! Yes I didn't sleep at all. I was so nervous =_= Don't ask me why because I have no idea why.

I wore my Glavil dress with stockings and my new enginer boots. I don't have a full outfit shot, sorry!

 The first thing we went to see was the Interview with Tsubasa Masuwaka. Yes she was there and I saw her! 8DD I tried to take pictures but never got a good one ;^; I met my friend Alice there and I hope she got some nice ones. Here is one from the official Japan Expo site!

she's so pretty but damn skinny

crappy picture of us 3 8D"

After that Caro and I went to eat something and met Thomas afterwards. We went through the whole expo and tried to not stress and enjoy time. There were so many people that it was really hot too and Caro and I felt like going home already xD" We didn't sleep much so yes... But we managed to enjoy time there anyway! 

 uh yes I saw her 8D and there was a huge One Piece stand!

 The french people are nearly as crazy about One Piece as the Japanese are so you could find everywhere One Piece stuff. I saw a lot of my figures for sale too but like twice the price I payed. No I am not kidding. The prices were ridiculously high and people payed them. Really if you love figures, search for them online because at conventions you pay way too much.

 last picture of us 8D

The Expo was like every year huge and filled with so many people. This year I didn't go to any concerts or signing sessions, because there weren't any I was interested in. I also didn't buy as much as I did the last years but I guess that's because I was in Japan for so long. Anyway I got two things!

A nice galaxy skirt and some new over-knee socks! The skirt is slightly too tight for me but I'm gonna fix that myself, why can I sew right? 8D The stockings are really lovely and they were only 8€, so I hope the quality is okay.

That's it for today! The next weeks might not be as special as this weeks, so I don't know if I will blog a lot. I think about making an inspiration post soon and still the post about how to take care of your extensions, but I don't know when I will make those.

So, see you soon! :3


  1. I love the Mars dress on you, so cute! ^__^ Must be good to be back home.

  2. Thank you! ^-^
    Yes it really is. After all Luxembourg is my home country, even though I love Tokyo.

  3. Ich hab die selben Strümpfe xD ich dachte sie hätten 6€ gekostet, aber egal : D
    ich würd super gern ein Outfit mit denen sehen! (schaff es selbst nie die gut zu kombinieren -^.^-)

  4. du bist so schön *_* <33

  5. An dem Stand wo ich sie gekauft hab waren sie 8€ x) aber find's trotzdem nen guten Preis :D
    Ich geb mein Bestes! Trag in letzter Zeit öfter outfits mit solchen Strümpfen also werd ich wohl schon was finden :3

  6. aw~ danke! ;^; <3


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