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Sort update: had a small accident

Hey everyone!
I am sorry for not blogging last week. I was busy and then this week something awfull happened: I had a small accident.

On Tuesday on my way to the station close to where I live I tripped my foot and fell with my full weight onto my right knee. At first I thought just like "argh dammit you will be late for school!", so I went home to take care of the wound and change clothes and shoes. On my way home, my knee started to bleed quite a lot and the pain started to come... This walk home was the worst ever! I got home, stairs in front of me to get to my room yai, and when I sat down on my bed the pain rushed into my whole leg and I knew shit's serious.

Anyway I tried to clean my wound and get it disinfected with something I had from Luxembourg. Tried to cool it so it wouldn't swollen up but my knee did so anyway~ Yesterday I decided in the morning that I would take the risk and go to school. Stupid decision, I regret it now. As long as I walk, well try to walk, it's okay but when I sit down I feel my heartbeat in my knee and pain goes through my whole right leg. So going back from school was hard too but since the wound looked okay I thought it will get better within 3 days or so.

Well, today is the 3rd day and guess what happened. I got up this morning, knee was swollen and I felt the heartbeat in it eventhough I didn't move my leg the whole night. The pain was nearly unbearable so I asked friends for help. I couldn't call the school to talk myself with them, since I couldn't stop crying from this pain. One of my classmates, got the school to find a clinic close to where I live. The staff even came to pick me up and go with me. I love my school.

So we went to the doctor and when I told him I can move my knee etc it's just the wound which hurts and is hot, he was like "Okay that's an infection. You will need antibiotics." Quick diagnosis but the right one.

I am now basically tend to my bed and have to rely on friends to buy me food etc, which makes me feel awfull. But I am so greatfull for my friends right now and especially my school! The staff came all the way from Shibuya to pick me up and spend hours in the waiting room etc and to help me walk. Tell me a school who does that in Luxembourg, you won't find any I guess.

Well long text short story: My knee is hurt and I can't walk.

I hope I can make the blogposts about the last 2 weeks soon and of course I hope that I will be able to work for my shopping service soon again. It's so frustrating when you're tend to bed but your head is completely fine and you start feeling guilty because of the accident... I hate this. But I know I have to take it easy and rest, take the medicine and let it heal.

So, hopefully, talk to you soon again with better news!


  1. That sounds awful D: I hope you are better soon!

  2. Candyflossoverkill6/06/2013 1:12 pm

    look after yourself and get better soon <3

  3. I just hope that the medecine will help quickly ;_; but thank you!

  4. I'll do so and thank you <3

  5. Oh dear! I'm glad you were able to go to the doctor! Get some rest and take it easy. Above all, don't feel bad, these things happen and it's not your fault! ^__^

  6. Thank you! I'll try to think positive but it just made the next weeks really stressfull for me since I leave soon for Luxembourg ._. but you're right, shit happens.

  7. T___T i hope ure gonna getting better soon *hugs*


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