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Meeting friends~ a lot

Hello hello, here I am again!
Kinda late to blog today but I felt like doing it. Why? Because I have no clue if I have time the coming 2 weeks. As you know I will leave Tokyo soon and go back home to Luxembourg, so I have to send a lot of things home and I want to spend as much time as possible with my friends. Oh and I shouldn't forget that I have exams next week too 8D" I am so stressed. I could change that but I don't want to. The only thing I could change is not meeting my friends and that nope, not going to happen. It makes me already sad enough to not know when I will see them again, ever... So I want to spend time with them when it is still possible.

Anyway this post is about some meetings I had with friends :3

I've met him the first time in the plane to Tokyo, when I came back from Luxembourg. He is a friend of Luisa and they were on their way together to spend their holidays in Tokyo. I wanted to show Thomas a bit of "my" Tokyo and so we met twice. First time we just went to Shinjuku to eat Okonomiyaki and walk around, take puris and talk.

 The second time we met we went to Akihabara together and to see the Sky Tree in the night. We both are addicted to figures so I wanted to show him some really good shops for second hand figures I found some while back. We spent too much money. The Sky Tree was something we both wanted to see. I was there many times but never on top of it because it was always so crowded. So we went there for the last hour it was open, from 9 to 10pm and guess what! No cue, no crowd, nearly noone there 8D Hell yeah! The view was breathtakingly beautiful and we both didn't want to go but we had to, since it was closing soon. The Sky Tree is such a must if you are in Tokyo but be aware that it is quite expensive. We went to the 2 observation decks and spent 3000¥ each. Yes a lot, I know.

I didn't have time/the mood to check the pictures I take on top of it but I took this one with my phone 8D (Instagram ftw!)

The illumination was really pretty too! I will make a blogpost with the "good" pictures, I promise. I just don't know when yet. Probably when I am back in Luxembourg.


I've also met my cutie Shernise some time ago in Harajuku. We decided to meet after my hair straightener broke and she wanted to give me one she doesn't use. Sounds so stupid I know but we wanted to meet anyway some time so we did it~

We've had a lot of fun together. Felt good talking and shopping a bit. We never really had the chance to meet only us two before so it was really nice to do that finally. I am really going to miss her!

Outfit shot!
My outfit was completely Glavil :D I got the things that week and I love them! Oh and sorry for my messy hair but as I said, my hair straightener broke Dx


Last but not least, my friend Sandra. We hang around a lot lately. When I had the accident with my knee she also came by really often to talk. The first day of the accident she even got me bandages, stuff to eat etc because I couldn't walk ;^; So nice of her! I really think now that our friendship is a tight one 8D Feels like it's gonna last even when I won't be here anymore.

Anyway~ we've decided to go to Karaoke together one night, yes one full night! It is much cheaper like this and you can hang around before. We met in Shinjuku (our favorite spot) and went to some stores such as Pure Sound, Closet Child (both for V-kei merch), Okadaya and later we went to our favorite Izakaya to eat our favorite food 8D After all this we just walked around, checked some arcades and wanted to see some hosts but there weren't that many as there should be on a saturday night. We had fun anyway.

weird pose because we are too tall 8D"

On that day I also tried for the first time to curl my extensions, which took me so long. I love the result! They looked perfect, just as I wanted my hair to be. I also tried a more Onee Gyaru look that day, I guess you could call it like that. Since we wanted to dress up, we were in Shinjuku so that's a must. I changed actually a bit 8D" I wanted to wear a different top but that would have been way too cold for that night. Here is a cam picture I took before leaving.

The top was really short which matched the waist skirt really well. I also fell in love with those choker necklaces lately. Got myself a couple of cheap ones in Harajuku.

And that's it for today!
I am really busy as I told you and I think I might blog again when I am in Luxembourg. Of course I will try to blog when I have some time in the evening next week. Since I will meet my Gyaru Babies on Sunday! 8DD Can't wait to see all of them again.

Oh btw~
I will go to the Japan Expo in Paris!
Going with my friends Alice, Myriam and Carole on the 6th.
So hope to meet some of you there ;D

Baibaii~ ( ^ w ^)v


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