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Extensions by Yu House

Here I am again already. Short update regarding my knee: it's much better. I can nearly walk normally again :3 But that's not the main point today. I promised that I would blog about my extensions I got some time ago and I will do now. It is not a review but more to show you how they look, price etc. I might make a post back in Luxembourg about taking care of extensions.

I got the extensions at Yu House in Shibuya. A friend of me recommended the hair salon to me because she went there already and she was really happy with their work. I've been first there to ask some questions. I had planned to make a light blue dip dye but I didn't know if that is possible on extensions or not and unfortunately it isn't. The hair stylist told me that if I wanted blue in my hair anyway they could braid in blue extensions like some highlights for me. I told him I would think about that but that I will surely want extensions, so I got an appointment for two days after that.

So I went there the day I had my appointment and decided to only get brown extensions but really really long ones. Here are some picture taken during the process:

I decided for the long extensions of 70cm and 50 braids for a full head. It cost me 13,600¥ approximately which is for this length okay. I also get a student price which makes it nearly 1000¥ cheaper. The whole process took around 1hour and a half. The hair dresser didn't only braid the extensions in but she also straightened my hair first and later cut the extensions a bit so they'd match my hair better. About matching my hair, they didn't have my shade or red/brown so they mixed it together with different shades they had and now it is perfect! She was really really nice and explained through out the process how I should take care of the extensions and if they fall out that I could get them braided in again by free in the salon.

So how long to they last? Well she said maybe 1 to 1 and a half month, very longest 2 months, because I need to recolour my hair by that time and extensions shouldn't be colored, so I have to take them out by then. But that is okay for me, since it was my decision to colour my hair. I have them now for about 3 weeks and the extensions still are in great condition.

I use treatments regularly, comb them softly and when I style my hair I always use hair care products. The heat affects your own hair and also the extensions so you have to take good care of them. I will let you know what type of treatments and hair care products I use soon when I had time to take pictures.

Here is the link for the hair salon:

About the extensions themselves; it didn't really hurt at the first 2 days but when I went to bed, lying on the braids was something I had to get used to and to shower with all this bunch of hair was weird too. It just hurted when I flipped my hair over to put the towel around my head. This came from the braids done in one direction so the hair was stiff. The only thing that I had to get used to, is that the braids sometimes get itchy during the day. It takes me much more time now too, to wash my hair because I want to make sure that my scalp gets clean, even though I have the braids all over it.
After we, Sandra had come with me, were finished at the hair salon, we went to make some purikuras!

Long right 8D I love them!
That's it for today~



  1. You look great with the extensions.
    I guess the price is great.
    In Germany you'd pay much more for such extensions x(

  2. Thank you!
    Yes it is but I've never seen braid in extensions in Europe before, only the ones with glue and those are hella expensive.

  3. Anitawestside6/09/2013 12:25 pm

    look so great with the extensions

  4. You look really great with them and awesome post!

  5. Wooow!! this was really helpful and good!! (*uuu*) ♥♥♥ So happy that you wrote about this because I've been thinking to get these when I come to Japan♥♥♥

  6. Thank you! I am happy you liked it ^-^

  7. I am happy I could help :D I know other places in Shibuya too which make extensions, so let me know if you want those adresses too ^-^


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