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Big news! // Good-byes

こんばんはみんなさん! ( ^ w ^ )v
How are you all doing? Everything's fine in your countries? When I watch the news with all what is going on in the world, I wonder how all the people I know or who follow my blog are. I hope you are all safe and happy.

Well, I will take the time now to blog a bit :3 I told you last time that I might not have the time to, but I'm gonna take it now because I can't sleep and I feel like sharing~

First big news:  
I graduated~ 8D

I really didn't believe I could do it this term because I didn't study that much and I had so many problems the last months. But~ luckily I under estimated myselve again and when I got my exams back I was like "Holy shit I passed! O0O" My whole class was like "We told you so!!!" xD" But yes I passed ^-^ I passed with 361 from 500, not that much I know but I am happy that I passed. I didn't study at all the weeks and days before the exams because the stress of moving and well everything made me feel bad and I had problems with my stomach again. (Weak stomach)

So we had the graduation on friday morning. I still can't believe it but all my teachers told me they gonna miss me and one of them even had tears in her eyes when I said goodbye. I really love that school. The whole school staff helped me a lot and they care about their students so much. I will miss everyone. Yes I was really sad when saying goodbye and I had to hold my tears back. Afterall 6 months was a long time right? Here is a picture with me and my favorite teacher Chida-sensei:

I know I look horrible. Appearently I overslept that day and had to rush with getting ready. I tried to get my make-up and hair as good as possible but the weather was so humid again that all my work wasn't worth it Dx And I look so tired! I don't sleep much/good lately, stress.

Last Gyaru Meet in Shibuya

On last saturday I met my little family for the last time before I go back to Luxembourg. My Gyaru babies :3 Unfortunately lots of them had to work or couldn't come due to family so we were only 5; Ksara, Shernise, Lis, Linda and me. We visited our friend and the reason we know each other at the Gyaru Café 10sion because she works now there :D

picture is from the 10sion staff

After we've been there for a drink and to talk, we went to make Purikura and get something to eat at a close Izakaya. Gosh I am so gonna miss this time with them... Makes me sad to think about leaving them on wednesday and maybe not seeing them anymore. Ksara left already, Lis will leave soon too and Shernise will go back to the US some time in summer too. I really hope I can meet all of them again. When we said goodbye we all said "See you soon!" instead of goodbye.
I love them all!

The girls became my family here in Tokyo. They were there for me when I felt really bad and we were there for the other when something happened. Without them I would never have been able to do all the things I've done and most important cheered up. My family and boyfriend helped me too yes, but the girls were here and could hug me or meet to forget about our worries.

They are my sisters.

 I look forward to be able to see them again and to meet all together again!
Okay now I have tears in my eyes... On to the next topic 8D"

Btw I took a shot of my make-up and hair that day before I left home.
It doesn't look that messy yet 8D"

Meeting Swedish friends~

On tuesday I went with Sandra to meet some of her friends after our exam. Appearently we both know the same person by coincidence xD" She, Emi, is now here in Tokyo for about a months and we wanted to meet before I have to leave. Sandra and I also paired up with our Jeffrey Campbell shoes 8D We went to an Izakaya and later to make some purikura and to get a frozen yoghurt. Later we just sat in Shibuya, talking because none of us wanted to leave. But we had too at some point ._.

 We had such a great time together :D Can't wait to meet Emi and Bea again!

On wednesday after our Speaking exams, Sandra and I met Ksara in Shibuya. She had some Alpakas she didn't want anymore and me and Sandra found some people who would like to have some. So we met and took the short time to make some last Purikura together. Ksara had to go to the airport afterwards to catch her flight back to England. I am happy that she took the short time to hang around a bit. She really is one of my most precious friends.

Yes I know my eyes look huge but Sandra and Ksara didn't wear any make-up that day and Ksara didn't sleep in two days xD" I look like an alien with those eyes.

 Harajuku with Miku-chan

Today, saturday, I met my Japanese friend Miku-chan. I know her from facebook and she really wanted to meet before I leave. At first I wasn't sure if I could because I have so much to do but my plans changed a bit so we could go out for dinner and talking.

She's really cute and so nice! Her english isn't the best so we switched from English to Japanese and back all the time. At least we both could practice xD" I really hope to meet her again when I come back, or maybe when she will be in Europe :D

Huh? Isn't that... Oh shit! O0O

Oh! I forgot something 8D
Some of you might have read it already on fb or twitter but: I saw Satoshi from Girugämesh at an Izakaya in Shibuya xD This was the most funny thing ever! You want to hear the story? Oh well no choice I'm gonna write about it anyway 8DD

Well on Thursday after school, Sandra and I hang out because it would be the last time we had together. We went to walk around in Shibuya a bit and then went to our favorite Izakaya. We sat down, first guests there, and had really nice time. While Sandra was talking some guy walked past us and turned his head to look at me, I looked up out of reflex and looked back to Sandra. Then in my head: "Wait... that isn't...that can't be...". I told Sandra that Satoshi might just have walked by but I wasn't sure at all. She said he's sitting right behind us at a table. Okay~ let's check if it's really him. So we tried to talk normally and she sometimes looked over to him. She was like "I think it is him, from the side he has the face." And if you know Giru, you know that Satoshi has a really unique face. He got up and walked to the bathroom, couldn't catch a sight of his face properly so I told Sandra to hit me under the table if he comes back. She did (quite hard ;_;) and I turned around really relaxed and then our eyes met... DAM DAM DAAAAAAM.

I had to keep my pokerface and not freak out. But I know as soon as I turned around my face showed Sandra that it really was Satoshi. I was like O0O and put my hand on my mouth, hid between the wooden things between our tables and tried to not scream or freak out too much. That was so hard! Girugämesh is one of my favorite bands ever! Sandra was laughing so much about my reaction... We tried to talk normally again and were like wtf what a huge coincidence to meet him here. And then he laughed. Both Sandra and me: "Yup! It's definitly him! 8D"

And that's how you meet a famous person randomly in a restaurant in Shibuya.

That's it for today!
Wrote way more than I planned to do.
Tomorrow is my last concert here, ScreW. Can't wait for it! So excited since weeks and I will also subscribe to their fanclub tomorrow 8D I also might meet my friend Nicole after the concert.

Busy me I know~


  1. It is sad to leave, I know! Tokyo is such a wonderful place, which most cities cannot compare to. Will you go back someday to live again?
    Lucky you, spotting your favourite celebrity! What a lovely goodbye present!

  2. Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin

  3. Not to live there but only for vacation I guess.


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