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Still alive~ and lots of stuff to blog about :3

Hey everyone!
Firstly: I am so sorry m( u___u )m because I didn't blog in such a long time. The second week in Luxembourg was mostly being at home and enjoying time with my family, so nothing special to blog about. My plane back to Tokyo went on the 10th of May and I arrived here on the 11th in the early morning. It was hard to go back but I knew I would be home soon again. At my first stop Paris I was so lucky! My friend Luisa, who also runs a really nice blog, and her friend Thomas were in the same plane to Tokyo and I could even sit next to them 8D Was nice having somebody to talk during this really long flight.

Back in Tokyo

In the first week back in Tokyo, I felt kinda bad sometimes. Missing my family and feeling like "gosh 1 and a hald month are so long" and I had a lot to think about because of my school. Anyway, I tried to enjoy time with my friends! I directly called my friend Sandra, she's in my class, to go eat Okonomiyaki together on Sunday night and hang around in Shinjuku a bit. Always so nice with her :3

my gets from that day (yes I am alpaca addicted) and my make-up~
I also went to the cat café with her. We went the day before my birthday, thursday, and I was so happy about that. Feels always good to be with cats.
a cat who has birthday on the same day as me :D

 this cutie always hid under Sandra's skirt because he was playing x3

 And as I said, it was my Birthday that week. I contacted all my gyaru friends who are here but unfortunately only 3 of them had time Dx all the others had work or things to do with family ;^; We 4 had a nice time anyway and I am so thankfull to have the girls!

the 4 of us :3

 you see somehow my outfit 8D" I love this puri of Ksara and me!

 The week came to an end and I decided to go see a exhibition with work from my favorite artist, Takashi Murakami. He released a new movie called "Jellyfish Eyes". The exhibition I went to was really small but it showed some of the characters used in the movie. I love his art.

Aren't they cute?! If you have time please take a look at his work on google or wherever you want. His art is really special but if you like to see relations between new and old japanese culture, this made be the thing for you.

That's it for today!
I still have stuff to blog about, like:
- Sky Tree
- My extensions

But not today. See you soon!


  1. Awww, happy belated (belated.. XD) birthday too you!! *_*
    And I want an Alpaca too, haha, they are too cute ;-;
    You look fabulous!

  2. aw~ Thank you! ^-^
    Yes they are sooo cute! *_* can't get enough of them xD"
    And thanks ><

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