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1st week in Luxembourg // 2 reviews

Hey my dear readers!
So I am in Luxembourg for a little but than a week now and it feels so damn good to be back home. I really needed this little break with family, friends and pets. Actually I didn't do much this week. I went to the Lana Del Rey concert on Tuesday, had to go to see 2 doctors (yai for beeing sick and having problems with my back) and went to see Iron Man 3.

Lana Del Rey concert

I was kinda lucky to get a ticket for the concert, because it was sold out when I decided I want to go but luckily I found somebody selling one. So I got the ticket and was excited to go. Obviously I knew that the people there would be boring as f*ck and that I would stand out, well like a girl like me stands out in Luxembourg. 


 Here is my outfit:

Blouse: Forever21
Shorts: Zara
Tights: Tutuanna
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Jewellry: Vivienne Westwood, Forever21, Claire's

 What do you think of it?
I tried something new inspired by lots of pictures I had seen on tumblr during the last months.
This was the first time I wore this headband and the shoes. I ordered them some time ago when I was in Japan but let them be shipped to Luxembourg. Two gets I was seriously looking forward too finally have in my hands when being back here.

The concert itself was really really nice. Lana Del Rey is one of my biggest female inspirations and to sing her live was like a dream. Her voice is so sweet when she talks, she sings so great and her show was really nice too. It was kinda short, only 1 hour 15 minutes a bit disappointing considering that I am used to at least 2 hours concerts. Oh and she didn't even gave an encore, disappointing. I got myself a nice tanktop and a huge poster of her, well no idea where I will hang it but I loved and it was cheap.

Lana on stage in her simple but really nice white dress. 

At the concert, well I realized that I am back in the boring Luxembourg I lived in my whole life. Maybe you think that I just say that because I really like Japan, but believe me Luxembourg is seriously b-o-r-i-n-g. It's not like Germany or France, which are neighbouring countries, here people are not interested in "special" fashion styles at all, don't like it if people look different and think of you badly if you wear a lot of black. Just to let you know some things which I hate. That's one of the reasons why it is really hard to be a blogger here, because people just don't care about what you write. Being a beauty blogger here? Impossible! Nobody is interested in skin care tips, make-up tutorials or reviews. I only have my friends who read my blog because they are different like I am. I think this is kinda sad because Luxembourg really has potential to become quite big but nobody really tries and if yes they get lost somewhere because they get demotivated.

Well let's talk about that some other time~


Rose&Spikes headband from 

I got the headband after a long time of considering buying it and I am happy that I got it. Eventhough some parts kinda bother me. Firstly here's a picture of me wearing it:

Design: 5/5
I love the design! The roses are good quality and the spikes look fantastic. You might find lots of these kinds of headbands throughout shops on the internet but I decided to get it here since the shop is located in the Netherlands.

Comfort: 2/5
The part which was really disappointing me was that it was slightly too small for my head and that it hurts behind the ears if youwear it for a long time. The last roses also might be too much if you have as long hair as I have because my hair always got stuck on them.

Price: 5/5
It only cost 16,95€ but the shipping was high for such a small package. Anyway the price for the headband itself was perfect!

Overall: 4/5
 The communication with the shop went really well, it arrived quickly and it looked like I imagined it. I can only consider buying from the shop, no matter if you want wigs or accessory. They have really nice things!

Here is a stock image and the link to get the headband

Jeffrey Campbell Litas from

Finally I found these babies in my size!
I was searching them since such a long time and found them even on sale. The shoes don't really need a review since they are original Jeffrey Campbell shoes and so the quality is perfect. So let's make a review about the shop.

Offer: 5/5
They have a huge range of shoes and lots of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. If you are searching for something special but not too pricey, check their site! Your favorite shoes might be on sale.

Order time - arrival: 3/5
Well this was the only thing that was a bit annoying. It took them over a week to ship my order out. The shoes arruved within 5 days from the point on where they were shipped but yes as I said I had to wait a long time for it. I think they should change that or at least list how long it may take them to dispatch your order, depending on which region you live in.

My shoes only cost £99! And they are still on sale so go there and get yourself a pair in the colour you want. Here is the link:

That's it for today! 
See you soon~


  1. I love your outfit. The headband is cute. The shoes are awesome with the spikes! I know what it's like to live in a boring place... Don't worry, you'll be back in Japan soon! ^__^

  2. Thank you! I guess there are more people who might feel the same as we do ;)
    Yes I will, but I will live in Luxembourg probably the rest of my life so it kinda pisses me off that people just don't change here.

  3. You never know, you might inspire some people to change or at least to take up an interest in some of the things you enjoy. If not, oh well... Just keep on being yourself! ^__^

  4. I totally know what you mean with boring.. But I don't agree that GERMANY is not boring!??
    I live in Berlin and everybody is wearing the same! If someone wears a striped dress from H&M, everybody is wearing it! But if you would wear something extraordinary (and pretty) the stare at you like you are an alien! It also happens that people (most old) even speak to you unpolite because of that..
    If you know the fashion around the world for example the korean or japanese fashion you really think Germany is taking a fool of you what clothing they sell here. And in every shopping centre there are the same stores, everywhere boredom. ^_^ Okay enough bad words~

    I really like your headband! It fits very well with your hair! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

  5. Maybe some but most of the people will keep being ignorant.

  6. Believe me Luyembourg is worse. I've been several times in Germany already since I live close to the border and I have friends all over Germany. Okay some people don't accept you if you look different, that's true but they don't get so nasty with you. Here I was seriously scared when I was into Lolita fashion that some idiot might ruin my dress when I walk through the city like that. It's like "she's different, we must destroy her!". I can't wait to study in Cologne because people are not as stupid as in Luxembourg regarding looks.

    Thank you!


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