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Kyoto: First two days~

Hey everyone~
As I wrote in my last blog entry, I was in Kyoto and Osaka for about a week because it was Spring Break. I really enjoyed my time there eventhough the first day wasn't that nice for me. Still had a bad time because I miss Luxembourg a lot and couldn't really be happy. Anyway on my second day I decided to get my ass up and go sightseeing as much as I can.

On my list were:
Imperial Palace Park
Fushimi-Inari Taisha
Kyoto Station

I could go and see everything! So lucky that I am quick at sightseeing x) Well I couldn't go into the Imperial Palace as you had to join a special tour and they were all completely booked until 2pm. I was there around lunch time so  didn't want to wait that long and decided to just walk direction of Shimogamo-Jinja. Good thing to do, as I crossed a river and I just had lunch with my bento there, enjoying the view and the sound of the water.

Shimogoma Jinja

I love it!

At some places in Kyoto the Sakura were already blooming and on others, they were just about to bloom. Here as you see they weren't blooming yet but still, the lots of pink and white around the temples I've seen made everything even more beautiful as it already was.

I just love the temples.

Fushimi-Inari Taisha

This is a quite famous place and I am sure most of you have already seen it in movies etc. Just look at this picture I took:

I guess you all recognize the place now ^-^

yes these are all Origami chains!


Another famous place which is also part of the World Cultural Heritage. Unfortunately the sky was all grey and my pictures became not that good. The temple is black and so the contrast was way too big and the lighting wasn't good. Anyway I could make one really nice picture with Sakura.

That's it already for today. I will post the next part soon. I won't write much in these entries about Kyoto and Osaka becuase I think that the pictures talk for themselves :)
I really liked Kyoto and I plan to go again maybe next time during autumn.

Hope you liked this short entry.


  1. jepp, I love it <3 I wanna go there to ><

  2. Anitawestside4/06/2013 12:22 pm

    Kyoto ir really beautifull.
    I love your pictures.

  3. you have to! it's so beautiful

  4. yes it is :) and thanks!

  5. Kyoto is so incredibly beautiful in autumn what with all the trees as the leaves turn orange and red ;~; I miss Kyoto now... And I didn't even get to go to that many of the beautiful places! Didn't even go to Fushimi-inari taisha! Man!

  6. that's why I want to go in autumn! I didn't see a lot of the famous places either but I tried to go see as much as I can :)

  7. So beautiful! This is why I love the Kansai region so much! It is because there is so much of real Japan and Japanese culture there! Thanks for sharing doll!

  8. No didn't had time for it ._.

  9. That's true. You're welcome!

  10. You should go one day! :D
    You're welcomre, glad you like it :3

  11. Lovely pictures! Looks like you had a great time. ^__^

  12. thank you so much! Yes I had :) It was my dream to see Kyoto and now I finally could fullfill it :3


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