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Kyoto: Arashiyama Area and Monkey Park

Hello again~
Yes I blog already again :3 I don't want to keep this "sad" atmosphere on here after my last post. As I told a lot of you already, I am feeling much better after I bokked my flight. I look now forward to my two weeks to Luxembourg. And I have to say one thing:
Thanks to all of you guys!
You are so supportive and encouraging me so much I don't even get why you are all so nice to me ;^; Really from the bottom of my heart thank you!

So uhm luckily I was able to find a resale ticket for Lana Del Rey's concert on the 30th of April in Lux so omg yes! I am going to see my biggest inspiration live! 8D If you follow me on twitter, you might have already noticed that I listen to her a lot and that I simple love her music. Okay enough now! Let's talk about Kyoto again~

Arashiyama is an area on the western side of Kyoto with some famous spots and really famous for it's nature. The most famous spots are the Togetsukyo Bridge, the Bamboo Grove and the Monkey Park on the Iwatayama Hill. Of course I went to these spots! Here is a map of the area with all the sights on it:

List with my destinations:

Iwatayama Monkey Park
Togetsukyo Bridge
Bamboo Grove

I didn't have much on my list that day because I knew that the climb to the Monkeys would be really exhausting. So let's start with them~

Monkey Park

I arrived at Arashiyama Station and walked past the Togetsukyo Bridge to the Iwatayama. I took the way through the Sakura Island which you see clearly on the map with pink Sakura flowers. It was really nice to see some Sakura along a river. There were a lot of people but it was much more calm than in Higashiyama the day before. So I walked to the entrance of the Monkey Park.

I got my ticket for only 550¥ and was greeted really enthusiastic by an old lady at the entrance. She told me I had to walk 20minutes up the hill and that I shouldn't take any pictures on the way until I reached the top. I knew already about these 20minutes and was a bit scared to be honest. Okay so I grabbed my things, took my coat off and put it in my bag, put my camera in my bag too and started to climb the first stairs. Oh hell no my legs hurted! The stairs were the worst part, seriously. There are about 150 stairs and after that you just go up the hill on a way. Of course on this quite long way there are some places to rest what I did because I have problems with low blood pressure and this climb wasn't as easy as I wished it to be.

Finally I arrived at the top and was greeted by one of the stockman saying that I could rest a bit inside a building and drink something. First thing I did: go to the toilet and rub all the sweat off. Yes I know sexy, but you would all be covered in sweat after that climb.

After I recovered a bit and sat down to take my stuff out of my bag again, I walked outside the building and enjoyed the view and the monkeys.

small family not giving a damn about the people around

We got told some important rules before the climb:
Do not look the monkeys directly in the eyes.
Do not feed them outside.
Do not try to touch them

Uhm well hearing already the first sentence I was a bit scared. I know that this type of monkeys is known for being quite agressive. If you were in Zoos where they had them you might remember them fighting with each other a lot. So I tried to stay calm and not do anything what could make them angry. This picture above shows quite good how they look at you when you take a bit longer to make a picture. This one looked at me, I decided to take a picture and got down on my knees, I had to adjust the settings etc on my camera and it starred at me. I noticed it so I quickly took the picture and got up and went away. Seriously, they are scary.

Inside the building you could also buy some nuts or apple slices to feed the monkeys. When I got inside first there were a lot of people so I waited a bit and when I went inside again, it was nearly empty. Lucky me! So I bought some apple slices and tried to feed them. Of course they came really quick and fought about it.

I took this chance to make a lot of pictures of their faces because I love monkey faces. I was really lucky to catch this one that good! So proud of myself. He was already queeking because I didn't give him anything for a moment xD" I thanked him with a big apple slice :3

Outside of the building you could go up the moment a bit further. There are a lot of monkeys because they know that they get food there, but some of them sit in the trees and sleep or cuddle.
I think that's now enough of the monkey park x)

Bamboo Grove

I don't have many pictures but I have one and I love it:

The Bamboo Grove was unfortunately kinda packed with people and it isn't that long so the chance to make a nice picture is pretty small. But when I turned around in the direction I came from I saw how nice the sun was coming through the Bamboo and this couple was at the right spot. What do you think of it? :3


I went to this temple before going to the Bamboo Grove because it was quite easier that way.

A really nice temple with a beautiful garden but way too many people there on weekends.
Anyway I took a nice Sakura picture too :3

Aaaaand that's it for today! 

The last two days I went to Osaka and one more time to Kyoto. Unfortunately my pictures from Osaka turned out really bad because of the problem with my camera lens. So my next post possibly wont be about Osaka. On my last day I went to Kyoto again to get some souvenirs and just enjoy the city a bit, didn't take any pictures that day.

Hope you liked this entry too after the depressing last one.
See you soon~


  1. deng fotoen sin esou schein ;_; an et lued een richteg an fiir och dohinner ze goen :D ah an ech kruut deng kaart :D merciii~ <3 an denkn ech an all deng aaner lieser wärten dir dein eenzegen depri post verzeihen an dech weider hin lieben :) <3 hugs dkussiii

  2. wow it looks so beautiful there! *-* and the monkeys are really cute! too bad they are dangerous XD
    I'm glad that you're already feeling better <3

  3. Amanda Heinz4/14/2013 8:50 am

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Check it out on my blog. <3

  4. merci ;^; hun mer souvill mei gin an dun ass daat mam objektiv geschitt Dx hätt keinten pinschen ;____;
    ah k duercht schon se wär verluer gaang x-x <3

  5. it is beautiful ;D
    thank you! I guess it is because I know that I feel see my loved ones soon :)

  6. aww~ thank you cutie! <3

  7. Amanda Heinz4/14/2013 4:28 pm

    You're so welcome! ^^


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