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Kyoto: 3rd Day

Hello everyone~

I didn't let you guys know yet but I passed level 1 in School for Japanese and now we started level 2 on friday :3 So: Ganbarimasu! Oh and today the GazettE tickets go on sale for their world tour 8D Well at least for Europe and~ I already got mine for Dortmund. It was a war but oh well I got it :3 I'll try my luck to get 2 for Paris, since my boyfriend wants to go with me. Wish me luck~

random Sakura picture, I love the bright pink ones!

Anyway I wanted to blog about my 3rd day in Kyoto today ^-^ I am really happy that so many of you liked the last one that much :D Thanks so much for the great response! It makes me really happy to see that you like these posts ^-^

So on my 3rd day I went to:
Ninen-zaka + Sanen-zaka
Tetsugaku no michi

Appearently I walked through the whole Higashiyama Area, South and North. So basically you could say the whole right side of Kyoto. Here are two maps from the South and North part of Higashiyama just to show you. It is the area were the most sightseeing spots are on close distance to each other, which makes it quite easy to see a lot in a short time. To see the maps clearly, please click on the pictures.


To get to that area from Kyoto station you have to take the bus. Yai! *sarcasm on* I love buses in Japan 8D I think I spent 40min in one bus to get from the Gion Area to Ginkakuji, horrible. No aircon and the bus was completely full. I am always (negativly) surprised how Japanese people manage to get inside a bus or a train which seems already completely full. I hate them for this. I was really happy everytime I was out of the bus.

Well enough rant, here are my pictures :)


Beautiful place. Unfortunately since it was on a saturday there were a lot of people all around the Higashiyama area. I tried to enjoy the time anyway and tried to make nice pictures too. This place is so famous, you might have seen it a lot already.

postcard pictures xD"

 the whole Kiyomizu-dera from one side

This one stood quite along, you see it on the first picture, but I really liked it.

last shot before I went the long way down again

In Kyoto you have to be prepared for a lot a lot of stairs to walk and to walk hills up. This was quite hard for me, since I am really not used to it but now I feel fitter :D

Nanen-zaka and Sanen-zaka

These streets were so packed with people that I only took this picture. There were a lot of nice shops, of course lots of souvenir shops, but also lots of traditional shops.

 I went there because I heard that this place is really relaxing because you hear the monks doing their prayers etc. Apperantly the temple is currently under renovation until 2019, which means: I didn't see much of it only the front "door" and some smaller buildings around. Another reason to go back.

I know that the picture is way~ too bright on the left but I wanted to show you this breathtaking entrance anyway.

I had the same problem all the time in Kyoto: the huge contrast between buildings and sky. I don't know how to put my camera to get it right, I am not talented with this. I tried my best. Beside this problem I had the problem that day to day my lens got dirtier, now it is that dirty that it is impossible to make nice pictures. I don't know yet if I will upload the pictures from Osaka because of this, sorry but it really is horrible.


This one is called to be "the silver temple" well it is not made of silver but in Kyoto there are Ginkaku-ji (silver) and Kinkaku-ji (gold). I didn't have the time to go see Kinkaku-ji too. Unfortunately the temples all close around 5pm so it was really hard to see all of them in the short time I had.

stalker me 8D
The garden here is really nice. I love the ground which was filled with moss everywhere. Lots of people again, which made me like "I want to get out~". I managed to be there around 4.30pm just before they closed 8D" lucky me.

Tetsugaku no michi

also known as Path of Philosophy 

 A nice walk filled with lots of Sakura. I didn't walk the whole way because I was really tired. I went back home quite early that day to rest a bit more.

The day after, sunday, I wanted to go to Arashiyama to see the Monkey Park and the famous Bamboo Grove. But enough for now, I will blog about this next time.
Hope you liked today's entry too :3


  1. Gazette!! Wow, you must be overjoyed!! :)
    Beautiful sakura in Kansai, You should see Kinkakuji next time!
    It is a beautiful sight, not to be missed!

  2. Kyoto is beautiful!


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