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Alpaca hunt with Ksara-chan

Hey everyone :3
Yes I blog before I go to Luxembourg :D Because I have something to blog about ;D Haha it's not much but anyway it was a nice day. I am currently waiting until it is finally time to go to the airport. Don't want to sleep tonight to be tired in the plane and yeah... nothing to do~

So yesterday, on Wednesday, I met my cutie Ksara-chan in Shinjuku after school. I so love to spend time with her because she is so funny but we can also talk about serious stuff. We went to Sweets Paradise to eat loooooots of cake and after that we went to get some new alpacas 8D We always go to arcades together!

And here are mine~

So damn cute! Those little cubes are actually meant to clean your phone screen, got one one my Japanese phone now 8D Ksara got one of the cube Alpaca much much bigger to sit on xD Yes they exist like that and I wanted one too but I don't have space for it xD" and wouln't use it anyway I guess ._. Again I got a pink small alpaca... I always get that size in pink, weird x_x

After we had all the alpacas we wanted we went to take some puris together~

I tried a different outfit that day. You can also see my d.i.a belt :D First time I wear it! I love the tops btw, got them for really cheap in Harajuku and they look similar to d.i.a clothes. Love :3

We took puris in 2 different machines because we didn't take some in a long time together :3 I really like the rumor machine (1st puri) for it's colours but the stamps are not that great and I am nearly everytime too tall with heels ;_; The second machine is nice too but the colours don't turn out that nice D: Anyway I like all of the puris we took :3

So that day was really nice, like every day we spend together!
Today I couldn't go to school, I am sick~ Yai for being sick for a 12 hour flight. Oh well I slept a lot today and I feel a bit better so hopefully it will be even better tomorrow. I can't wait to be gome again! I miss everybody so much and my pets omg I can cuddle again with my cats, my bunny, my dogs D: It has been 4 months already since the last time I could cuddle them ><

Okay, so see you in Luxembourg right? 8D



  1. Tolle Puris! ^-^
    Wünsche dir einen guten Flug! (^_^)~~~

  2. thank you!

    I arrived safely ;D

  3. dankeschön~
    Bin gut angekommen :3


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