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Wonderfull week with my boyfriend

Here I am again! 8D Yes already xD 
I promised I would blog before I go to Kyoto and Osaka so here I am :D

Last week, when Caro left again for Luxembourg, my boyfriend arrived at the same day here in Tokyo to visit me for a bit more than a week. I can't describe how happy I am to have a boyfriend who goes that far to see me. I am so lucky.

Asakusa + Sky Tree

Since it was the first time my boyfriend was in Tokyo or Japan, I showed him the typical sightseeing spots. I only took pictures in Asakusa, around Sky Tree and in Yoyogi Koen because I was kinda lazy 8D" I just wanted to enjoy time with my boyfriend.


Before we went to see the temples we actually planned to go to see the Sky Tree and to go on top of it but~ well we didn't. There was a reall long waiting line and we didn't want to wait that long to be in a crowded Sky Tree. Nope thanks. We said that in 1 or 2 years we will come back together and go see it then. Can't wait!

Around the Sky Tree were Sakura too but not that many.

Yoyogi Koen

On Saturday we went to see Harajuku and I so wanted to go see the Hanami in the famous Yoyogi Koen. Well, bad idea =_= Seriously I never saw Harajuku that crowded before! There was a Fashion Show in the Yoyogi Gymnasium, people wanted to see the Hanami and it was a saturday. The park was really crowded and full of loud people drinking and eating. I couldn't really enjoy the Hanami. Only when we walked a bit to a more quiet area in the park my mood good better and I enjoyed the time there.

You see a bit how many people were there. And the Sakura were only white ones not pink ones. Sad me ;___; I wanted to see the pink ones so badly but they are kinda rare here in Tokyo.

Other Days

During the week we went to Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Roppongi. I really wanted to have some cats around me again so we went to my favorite Cat Café.

Unfortunately I got a really bad infection on my eyelids on both side, which had as result that I couldn't wear make-up from Saturday evening on. Kinda lucky that we went to make puris that day.

Quick make-up shot before we left.
I used Dolly Wink lashes again, didn't use them in a long time.

We also went to Odaiba of course and we went to the Pirate Cafe in Aqua City :D
That Restaurant is so awesome! Next time I will reserve the table to see the awesome view on the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Tower.

That's it for today~

I really can't wait to be June again. At the moment I miss my family so much that it is really hard to enjoy my time here. It is good that I will leave for Kyoto and Osaka tomorrow.

See you soon.


  1. Awh that's very sweet of him to visit you and things :D
    I am so jealous that you're living in Japan </3 I would love to go there one day!


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