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Tokyo Disneyland~

Hey my dear readers,
I am really sorry for not updating my blog regularly lately. As I wrote in my last post, my friend Carole was here and we spent a lot of time together after school or I had to study since my exams are next week. We went to a lot of places such as Disneyland Tokyo, Odaiba, Tokyo Tower etc etc. I really had a great time.

Well enough talk. Today I am going to blog about our one day trip to Tokyo Disneyland 2 weeks ago. We had a great time eventhough it was hella cold and a lot of wind. We couldn't completely enjoy the time because of that but we tried to get the best out of it and us two together, well always a lot of fun.  I gonna post mainly pictures now. Hope you enjoy~

of course we got ourselves some cute minnie hats!

in toon town!

 love Chip&Chap~

Minnie's house, yep we went inside but way too much waiting time for what it is *sigh*

Alice in Wonderland part, way too small ;^;

 derp me~

After we've been through the whole Park, we decided to get a tea and then go to Space Mountain. We both wanted to go so badly because when we were in Paris years ago, we were still too small for it. So Space Mountain it was! 2 hours of waiting time = 2 hours of stupid talk and lot of fun. We both loved it and after that we went to the Castle to go inside. We wanted to go inside because we wanted to see the night parade after it.

it is so beautiful inside, but small too
omg we saw a real princess! ;D
last shot~

Unfortunately due to the stormy weather, all the parades were cancelled and we went home after the castle and going through the shops. Yes, I bought a lot in Disneyland xD" I might show you some things in other posts later :)

That's it for today!
My boyfriend came today and Carole went home. 
I had a really great time with my bestie and I am so thankfull that she came here to visit me. I can't wait to be back in June and spend a lot of time with her since we will go to the same University :D
Well, I will be busy again to show my boyfriend Tokyo. 
I will try to blog next week :)
See you soon!


  1. omg my dream!! seriously tokyo disney looks so amazing and i love disneyland so much T___T so glad that I have a disneyland near where i live here in california!! looks like you both had a fun time ^^

  2. I love Disney, so I was really happy to go there but I think it is so tiny compared to Paris >_< and the waiting lines are way too long... but yes we had a lot of fun :)


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