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Bunny Café // friends from Luxembourg // TV show to watch!

Hello everyone~
Sorry for not blogging for a while ( . _ .) There happened a lot of different things during the last week, which I won't explain in detail now. Just so you know a bit about it: one of my closest friends had problems and I had to help her. So yes~
But anyway! Here is my blogpost about the Bunny Café and the other things I've done so far until now.

Bunny Café

I've met with my friend Kathy and we went together to the really small but cute bunny café near the Shimo Kitazawa station. We had to get a reservation for 5pm when we got there, because there were so many people. So we decided to get something to eat and walk a bit around the neighbourhood because there are a lot of shops. Time flew by while spending some time together. So we went to the café.

small bunny ;^; 

The bunnies were all of course hella cute. But to be honest I didn't like the café that much. It was dirty and the bunnies were in cages except 4. You were only aloud to lift the small bunnies like the one on the picture and take them out of the cag. The other ones were sitting there like =_= poor bunnies. I tried to enjoy time there anyway but as soon as a family came with 3 kids I knew that this would be awfull to look at and it was.
fat looking cutie :3

The children were taking the bunnies from the ground, putting them on their lap, screaming, if the bunnies jumped off they would run after them... Seriously I hate those parents who aloud their children to treat an animal like a toy. I was so angry at the mother who even helped to catch the bunnies. I really mean catch because the bunnies were hiding and running around to get away from them.

Kathy and I decided to go after an hour since the kids were taking all the place anyway and the bunnies had enough stress already. Here are some more cute pictures of the bunnies.

 he didn't want me to stop petting him :3

Oh and before I forget it, here's a selfshot of me with the small bunny 8D So you see it's size better and my (crappy) look for that day. Lately I am not really in the mood to dress up cute, so I wear more rockish and casual clothes.

 Meeting lots of friends~

First friend I met (2weeks ago) was my japanese friend Nao. Always nice to spend time with him. We went to Shinjuku and ate delicious Okonomiyaki and later went to the arcades.

looking horrible 8D"

I also took some random pictures after school and in the arcades which I'd like to share with you :3

 sexy ScreW commercial and loooots of My Melo!

On the same day I went to the bunny café I met my friend Nathalie from Luxembourg. She was already in Japan for some time but was in Tokyo only from that day on. It was a nice evening :3

Of course we made Purikura together and went to go window shopping a bit and later got something to eat. It was a nice evening and we met again the week after on Thursday.

full outfit shot and well yes, derp face 8D
As I said I met her again and on that day we went to do real shopping in 109. From that day on she also stayed at my apartment so we spent a lot of time together. It is always nice to be with her, since we can talk about serious stuff but also be stupid like small children.

always take a pic in SBY 8D

On saturday we went to Harajuku and this makes me think about the pictures I took 2 weeks ago xD" Well Nathalie and I went to walk a bit around and do go play Karaoke together. Here are pictures from Harajuku from 2 weeks ago.

 normal day in Harajuku, went to the Rilakkuma store!

I didn't get myself that much but look what a  cute cup I got myself:

 freaking Hello Kitty head!
It's not easy to drink out of it but anyway I love it xD

I also took a quick outfit picture on the day I went with Nathalie to Harajuku.
really casual... but my make-up wasn't 8D

And last but not least. My Carole is finally here!I am so freaking happy right now because my best friend came to Japan on Tuesday and is staying at my place for 3 weeks. I went to pick her up at the airport early in the morning and we went in the evening together with Nathalie to Shinjuku. 


It was Nathalie's last day here since she would go back to Luxembourg the day after. So it was like a welcoming party for Carole and a farewell party for Nathalie. After we had dinner we went to the arcades since I wanted to win both of them a cute new alpaka, which I got of course 8D

they both really love them because they even had them on the puris xD

Since Carole is now here, I went with her to Harajuku yesterday. It is her very first time in Japan so I have to show her all the awesome and exciting things 8D 

It just feels so good to be with the person I am friends with so many years. I can't describe how awesome it feels when that person comes all the way from Luxembourg to visit only you ;^; I am so thankfull to her! I really missed her and now we will have looooots of fun together. 

I think my face looks much more happier on the pictures with her xD" Maybe because I AM that happy 8D In Harajuku I did some shopping again too. Got some things from Topshop, Forever 21, new tights aaaaaand these cute phone straps:

sbfldafghiueabcljdhbasc CHOPPER!
Chopper as a crêpe and as statue of liberty *_* You can get this for different places in Tokyo, like Harajuku, Odaiba, Hachiko etc. I want to collect all of them.

Okay guys the TV show where we were in during the first week in January was finally aired this week. Somebody uploaded it so you can all watch it~

Video:「ありえへん∞世界」  【外国人ギャル現象】

And uhm no I am not that often in it but anyway it was the show where I could watch the filming in the studio, so I saw Kanjani 8D Happy me~

Here are to pictures I got from a friend of my outfits from that TV shoot and another one:

filming my outfit~

And this one's from the TV shoot with Kumicky:

I really love MA*RS clothes lately... I think about changing from Liz Lisa style to more agejo.

What do you think? Which one does me suit the best?

So well yes that were my past weeks. Not that special and that's why~ tomorrow we will go to...
Disneyland! Oh I can't wait 8D Gonna blog about it for sure! Wait for it~


  1. Super cute! :D
    Looks like lots of fun ;D

  2. Thanks!
    Yes it was ^-^

  3. Why can't you do both!? Lol. :3 I might be biased to Liz Lisa though.... Ahahaha! And it looks like you had so much friend, that's good!

  4. idk xD" I sometimes don't feel like wearing LL at all...

  5. OMG!!! Your piicture with the bunny!!! Its Very cute!!! ♥o♥

  6. thank you~ ^-^

  7. Such pretty pics! And omg I want those bunnies X3 But that's sad to hear that the place is not taken care of :( I hope maybe if people complain then the cafe will fix that. But thank you for sharing! I love the idea about a bunny cafe ♥

  8. I thought so too but I don't think so ._. Thanks for commenting!


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