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3 weeks with my best friend Caro (picture heavy)

Hello my dear readers,
I am again sorry for not blogging regularly lately. As I've told you my friend Caro was here for 3 weeks and last week my boyfriend arrived. Sadly I am now alone again, since this morning, which feels kinda weird after having somebody live with you for a month. Well I have to get used to it again. Last week I had my exams for my Japanese class. I was told by other students that I passed but I didn't get any mail yet, so I am really worried since there's still a possibility that I didn't pass. I will contact my school tomorrow to get a clear answer.

Why didn't I get the results myself? Well last week was awfull for me, except that my boyfriend was here. I suddenly fell ill right before the exams, there happened a lot of unlucky things to me and I had the worst oral exam partner ever. On the second day of my exams, I had a panic attack right before I should leave home. I am now worried that I will get more again. I've had problems with really bad panic attacks two years ago already. Well I hope that I only had it this week, because I was so exhausted. Anyway because I was sick, had problems with heart racing and breathing, I didn't go to school the two last days of the term on which we got the results. So yes, that's why I didn't get them myself. Tomorrow I will know more about my exams.

Enough blahblah now! Time to blog about my awesome 3 weeks with my best friend Caro :D

Tokyo Tower + Hard Rock Café

During the 2nd week she was here we went to see the Tokyo Tower and went to the Hard Rock Café in Roppongi. Since I had school during all this time, we had to go out together kinda late, at around 5. So most of the things we did (except on weekends) were done during the evening. Which explains why it is always night in my pictures ;)

 I always love to go see the Tokyo Tower. This time it was illuminated for the 2020 Olympics since Tokyo is a Candidate City and the Japanese are crazy about it. The illuminated lots of their sightseeing spots in the Olympic colors, such as the Rainbow Bridge and the Government Building. Was nice to see but Caro was like "I want to see the typical orange Tokyo Tower!" xD She was so mad hahaha but she still liked it a lot ^-^   

Oh yes we went to Odaiba too! 

I really wanted to show Caro one of my favorite spots in Tokyo, Odaiba. We went on a Saturday since we wanted to go there during the daytime and see the sunset from Odaiba. It is one of the most magic moments here in Tokyo. I love how the colours change slowly when the sun starts to set.

Of course we went to see the famous Gundam too! Well it's a must 8D

 Crappy picture of me in front of the famous view from Odaiba.
Btw if you wonder why I only upload pictures taken with my iPhone: I am way too lazy to resize my pictures I took with my big camera. I took a lot in Odaiba and can't choose my favorites. Maybe some time later I will make a post with pictures I took in Tokyo with my big camera.

See the magic? 

Akihabara + One Piece

The Electric Town or also known as Otaku Paradise 8D" I am mean I know. Well maybe some of you remember from my post in Summer that I don't like Akihabara that much. That opinion didn't really change but there is now one reason I really love to go there: One Piece figures. If you follow me on twitter and instagram you might have noticed that I became a huge fan of One Piece. That's why I decided to start collecting my favorite Characters as figures.

While walking through the big street in Akihabara we came across a store in which they were selling figures. Until that time I didn't know yet that I would buy some figures already. We walked in and they had a whole line of shelves on both sides of the aisle filled with second hand One Piece figures. It felt like heaven! And then I found the two beauties: Vivi and Poseidon. You won't believe it but those two figures didn't even cost me full 4000¥! Yes lucky me right?! If you love an anime too, you might understand why I so had to buy them. 

 this is the shop :D

After we've walked happily with our figures (Caro got Poseidon too) we decided to go inside some arcades. Another great idea of us again. We had seen a Mawaru Penguin Drum figure at that second hand shop, which we wanted to tell a friend of us, Angelus, about since she loves that anime. We thought she might want to have it since it wasn't expensive at all. Well good that we didn't buy it as a surpise for her, because in an arcade we found a game with it. One play cost 500¥ and I tried my luck since I never played in that kind of machine before. *click* figure fell and we were both like: O0O!! Yep surpised as fuck and happy as two little kittens xD Next try, since I wanted the figure myself too. Got it again after the first try aaaand freaking out again. Last try, got it too. So yes basically we got the figure 3 times, each for only 500¥. Isn't that a good deal? Look at this awesome tower be made at home with all the figures 8D

a bit blurry I know

During the last week Caro was here, she went through Shibuya alone while I was in School. I suddenly got a message from her with: "Did you know that there is a One Piece store in Shibuya?" WTH there is a One Piece store and I don't know about it?! Was my reaction xD" So right after school we went to that store. Heaven on earth~ Look at the pictures!

life-sized Chopper and Ruffy!

Sunny~ :D

I love that store! I got myself a nice umbrella, a phone accessory and this week when I went with my boyfriend, I got a passcase and cute Chopper socks. I really need to stop going there because I buy something every time. They just have way too much cute and awesome things.

Other activities~

Well of course we did a lot of other things together too such as Karaoke, Shopping, being stupid, coloring my hair, going to the movie theater, purikura etc etc so typical Caro and Steffi things 8D"

Well recoloring my hair was not a bad idea but unfortunately the colour my mom got for my in Luxembourg wasn't exactly my hair colour ;^; It was a bit too red but now after 2 weeks it looks more like my actual colours. Here is a pic of it right after I had coloured it:
could be worse xD"
We went to see "Les Misérables" together after school some time. And omg how that movie is just so beautiful! It is a masterpiece of a movie and it shows again how of good actors Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried are. I love them. Both of us nearly cried at the end of the movie. It was a bit weird because I had the feeling that a lot of the Japanese people (movie was in english with japanese subtitles) didn't get the movie at all. I wonder how much they actually know about the french revolution and how the people had to suffer before and during that time. Oh well anyway the movie was great and it was worth the 1500¥ ticket. Yep movies are expensive here ._.

 In the cinema was also a poster for Nino's new movie "Platina Data". I so want to watch it but I don't have anybody who would go with me and it is completely in Japanese. I am afraid that I won't understand all of it ;^;

And that's it~

We had a great time together. I already miss her and can't wait to see her again when I am back in Luxembourg. There might be a chance that we will go to the same University in Cologne starting October this year 8D Can't wait~

Here's a small message to you my dear Caro:

Thank you so much for coming all the way to Tokyo just to spend 3 weeks with me. Sorry for being grumpy sometimes and being tired like all the time. I had a great time with you and I hope eventhough you had to discover Tokyo by yourself too, you loved it and you will come back with me sometime in the future. I'd love to discover more cities, throughout the whole world with you because it is just the best with you! We share so many interests and are really the same when it comes to taking pictures.

Thanks for always being there for me if I need you.

For those of you interested in her blog, here it is:

You ALL have to go and take a look and follow her! :D

Okay so that's it (finally) for today.
Thank you very much for reading this loooong post and I hope you all enjoyed it. I will blog before Thursday again about my week with my boyfriend, since I will leave for Kyoto and Osaka on Thursday. I can't wait to see those two cities :D Best: It's Hanami time! Which means there will be everywhere Sakura trees in full bloom, like there already are here in Tokyo.

See you soon!


  1. ohhhh you are the sweetest honey <3 I'm so glad that I was there with you and I think to discover tokyo on my own was one of the best things I could do for myself (thinking about lot of things) I love you so much and I thank you again for that awesome time together <3 see you really really soon <3

    P.S you forgot about the awesome good looking guy in the misérables ;) AND now I have to be motivated to update my blog xD" I was really lazy since now... well I think I start to blog about my 3 weeks at yours :D <3

  2. I forgot his name xD" Shame on me I know ;^;

  3. awww was ein süßer post mal wieder <3 ich freue mich jedesmal wenn du wieder was postest. und die Puris sind super vorallem das Duckface Puri!!! hahaha so geil Caro´s Blick!!! total geil!!!!

  4. Vielen Dank Süsse <3 Freut mich dass dir meine Posts gefallen ^-^
    Ich liebe das Puri auch xD deshalb musste ich es einfach posten!
    Ich hoffe wir können uns mal wieder treffen wenn ich in Köln bin :3

  5. Anitawestside3/26/2013 12:19 pm

    looks great the tokyo tower with these ilumination.


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