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the GazettE concert @ Yokohama on the 12th of February

Hello my dear readers!
I apologize for not updating regularly but school/studying is really time consuming and I am happy when I have some time off to relax at home and just watch some One Piece. Anyway I wanted to quickly blog about last week's the GazettE concert.

the GazettE, after nearly 3 years

The concert was on a Tuesday night in Yokohama Kenmin Hall. I had to get my ticket at the concert venue as I got it through the PSC Global Fanclub. On that day I didn't go to school, as I wanted to be at the venue kinda early to make sure I get the goods I wanted.

First I got the goods, a whole bunch of them and still didn't get everything I wanted...
Here's a pic of what I got:

Black Moral Gold Bag, Towel, T-shirt, Bracelet and iPhone accessory.

Maybe it doesn't look like it but all this cost a lot of money, unfortunately. If you know a bit about the GazettE, you know that their merchandise is of really good quality and they put a lot of effort in designing it too. I do understand the prices, eventhough I often hope they wouldn't be that expensive.

After I got my goods, I went to get something to eat before the concert. I've had once that I didn't eat at all before a concert and I nearly fainted due to the headbanging, jumping etc. I think it was a Girugämesh concert. I still enjoyed it though ;D But I really didn't want this to happen again on the GazettE's concert. So I went to eat at...

McDonald's 8DD First time ever here in Japan (except on New Year's Eve) that I go eat at McDonald's. It was the cheapest "restaurant" around the venue and there weren't that many people so I could relax a bit. Oh and yes I was all by myself that day. My friends will only go to the Final in Saitama :) to which I will go too of course ;D Oh can't wait~

At McDo I took the time to make a picture of my make-up and hair:

I went with a Rokku Gyaru style, dressed in Glavil with engineer boots. I couldn't make an outfit picture since I didn't find a full body mirror anywhere Dx sorry! This is something which really pisses me off >< That I am unable to show you my outfits ;^;

Anyway, back to the concert. One hour before the doors should open I could get my ticket. "Oh holy shit..." was my first thought because:

1st floor 7th row...........

Was what I thought because everytime I saw them live I was quite far away or lets say not that close to actually look them in the eyes. So yes I felt like screaming already when holding my ticket.
Not long after I got my ticket, people started to line up to enter the Hall. On the way to my seat a nice girl from Thailand spoke to me as she was from the PSC global fanclub too and was alone too. As luck wanted we sat right next to each other, so I wasn't 'completely' alone for the concert.

The concert started.

I felt like screaming, crying, laughing... I don't know there were so many emotions going on in my head, my body and my heart that I just stood there shaking and staring at the scene where each member one by one came on stage. Then they started.

Gabriel on the Gallows
Venomous Spider's Web
Clever Monkey
The Suicide Circus
Dripping Insanity
Kago no Sanagi
Sludgy Cult
Headache Man
Required Malfunction

Encore 1:
Ride with the Rockers
Tomorrow Never Dies
Akai One Piece
Maximum Impulse
Linda ~candydive pinky heaven~

Encore 2:
Kantou Dogeza Kumiai

If you've ever been to a the GazettE concert you might have felt their strength through their performance and of course their songs. Throughout the whole concert I felt like I was in trance. I didn't even think once "I begin to get tired", no never. I just kept jumping, headbanging, screaming everything you do and have to do on a the GazettE concert. In the middle of their concert, they had a lot of "slow" or "sad" songs, what they always do, and the whole audiance was just standing there, listening and didn't move at all. These moments are for me the ones where you realize how strong and powerfull their lyrics are. I felt like crying but I couldn't because I was in trance, still staring at the stage. And then they started with a "heavier" song again, and from one second to the next one the mood in the whole Hall changed and people started to scream again. I love Japanese fans.

We continued enjoying this whole concert. Break and Encore 1 began, of course with Ride with the Rockers and we couldn't be hold back anymore. For the GazettE's encore you a-l-w-a-y-s have to know what you have to do as movements, no matter if it's headbanging or some furu or screaming. The encore is also the part, where I always realize how long I've been listening to them already because they play old songs only. I love Ruder and Linda ~candydive pinky heaven~ because the fans, the audience is just laughing and enjoying time and dancing throughout the songs. You feel as one and not as different people from the whole world, but as one, part of the GazettE.

Encore 2 began and we were enjoying their performance one last time after they went off the stage. They threw lots of their guitar pics and drum sticks and of course water bottles in the audience before they completely left the stage. Of course I had the chance to get a pic from Reita, but~ I didn't get it. If I write about it, I will get angry again but I'll do it anyway for you.
Reita threw the pic in my direction and it fell down between me and the girl in front of me.  I touched it with my finger tips but couldn't grab it so it fell down. I tried to reach it over the chair (yes we had chairs) but I was too small to reach it. I tried to get it from behind the chair and then a girl, like 5 seats away run towards me and got the pic before me and run away again... I wanted to kill her. The girl from Thailand looked at me and she looked scared of how I looked at the other girl. Oh well, of course this happened in like some seconds but thinking about it it feels like a long time. I could have gotten a pic from the GazettE but some Japanese fan, who could go to as much concerts as she wants to just took it. I will go to their Final yes, but I don't know when I will be able to see them live after this again. I think it's just unfair in some way.

Enough rant. I loved the concert. I came home really happy and went to bed with a smile on my face.
Next day, routine started again and I went to school if like that concert never happened. But inside myself I feel that this was what I needed, a the GazettE concert. They helped me a lot, I mean their music helped me. Throughout my depressions their music was the one thing that kept me going and helped me to not give up. I will never stop listening to them, because they just mean a lot to me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I know it's a lot of text but since it was the GazettE I wanted to write my experience and let you be a small part of it too.

I promise I will blog again soon! I went to a bunny café last week and met my friend Nathalie, whom came from Luxembourg. She will stay at my place from tomorrow on and I hope we have lots of fun together :3 See you soon!


  1. It was a super nice and interesting report about the concert! I read everything ~haha ^^ Lucky, that you could go to the concert of the band that still means so much to you! I'm happy for you ^o^
    I've been to a Gazette live years ago in Germany... sooo long ago... but atmosphere of Japanese concerts must be so different!!!
    bye bye

  2. Jane Wolkenreise2/22/2013 1:49 am

    einfach nur PURER NEID! *o*

  3. oh, you're good at remembering the setlist, I've never been able to remember anything lol
    I just mix them together lol

    And no, I'm not scared of you lol, I know how you'd feel at the moment, it was right in your hand, just slipped and the girl, yeah from few seats away, came to get it =3=
    Next time, if we meet at the GazettE's live again, like I promised, I'll totally help you get everything they throw lol


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