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Crazieness about Valentine's Day in Japan // New Cat Café // My Shopping Service

Hey~ everyone :3

On friday I finally took my big camera along to make some pictures for you. I said I would make pictures about the crazieness regarding Valentine's Day in Japan and so di I. I didn't took that many pictures but yep, at least some 8D" 

I took these pictures on friday night after school when we went to Shinjuku. I only took pictures of the stand on my way to the station but you can believe me if I say that these kind of shops where you get lots of Valentine's chocolate are everywhere around whole Tokyo.

I still think it's crazy to be that enthusiastic about a day like this one.
In Luxembourg it is meant for lovers, but here it does not only have that role. Here you give chocolate to everybody, at least it feels like it. I, for example, as a student have to give my male and female teachers some chocolate otherwise they will think I am rude. Yep weird I know. Beside the teachers or co-workers you also give it to friends, people you care and of course the one you're in love too. Well this year I will give chocolate yes but not to my boyfriend. I still think that you don't need a special day to show the one you love, how much you love him and to give him a present. I get presents from my boyfriend throughout the year, no matter what time of the year it is and same do I do. Anyway I decided to go with this Japanese tradition because I don't want the teachers to be mad at me or something. Some of my friends will get some chocolate too.

Calico Cat Café Shinjuku

So on friday evening I went with some people of my school to another Cat Café. I didn't know about it and wanted to see it because it would be more convenient to go to that one instead of the one in Ikebukuro. This one is in Shinjuku and really easy to find, but I didn't like it that much. It is not that comfortable then the other one and I even had some allergic reactions on the cats which shows that it is not as clean as the other one. I enjoyed my time there anyway because I mean: cats. These cats also may come onto your lap or lie next to you on the floor or couch.

They have a lot of different kinds of cats. There were even cats with really short legs which looked weird but they were really nice. Of course they had the Fold Kitten too and Main Coon, you can find these in every cat café, but they also had grey cats. I love grey cats! I have one and I think grey cats are really some of the most beautiful cats out there because their eyes always have beautiful colours and because of their fur colour, the eyes come out even more. Unluckily none of the grey cats really wanted to be photographed. So no picture of them ._.

This picture is not only to make a picture of myself, for a change haha~, but also because of this stupid sign on the mirror. It says you shouldn't give cats water at the sink. If you have cats yourself you will know that cats love to drink from the sink, fresh cold water. The cat on the sink wanted some water and I just gave it to her because I personally don't think that it is not healthy for them. I mean, people get the sink water to drink for free in restaurants too and it doesn't kill us either. You understand what I mean? The cat was happy drinking water and suddenly more cats came so, yes they do love it.

me looking tired as hell and a beautiful cat~

Fazit: I prefer the Cat Café in Ikebukuro. Next week I will go to the Bunny Café with my russian friend Kathy. Can't wait for this because I loooove bunnies and I miss my little cutie ;^; Hopefully it will be nice too.

After we've been at the Cat Café we went to some Arcades and to get something to eat. Delicious Ramen and Gyoza omnomnom~ Oh and yes I did it again:


I am just so lucky recently with these alpakas 8D but not with other things. I swear I tried others too but didn't get anything. So frustrating! Maybe that's a sign for me to stay at alpaka hunting haha~

My Shopping Service for you!
So I finally made my own Shopping Service for all of you. I offer it for the time I am in Tokyo to help all of you get what you want from here for not as expensive as from other shopping services.
For more infos please go to this link:

I hope I can help you with this service!

Other News~

On tuesday I will go to the GazettE's concert in Yokohama... I am so nervous. Last time I saw them was in 2010. I already feel this weird feeling in my stomach and the happiness in my chest. How worse will this become on the day? Ah~ don't want to think about it now Dx Better not too x_x

selca from today~

I will go to Kyoto and Osaka 8D Omg I can't wait! I've never been there before and it is a dream to go see those cities too since so many years now. Finally I booked my flight today with my friend Céline. We will stay for 7 days, half in Kyoto and half of it in Osaka. Can't wait~

Okay that's it for today!


  1. Haha the first cat picture cracked me, so cute and somehow hilarious xD

    Shopping service is a good idea, it will be useful for everyone i'm sure :)

  2. Danke für die Fotos von dem neuen Cat Cafe ♥ ich möchte unbedingt auch in eins wenn ich nächsten Monat in Tokyo bin..! Aber ins Nekorobi <3 da warst du auch schon, ne? Ich folge deren Blog & Twitter und hab mich schon online in ein paar ihrer Katzen verliebt. Sowieso hörte ich bisher nur gutes über Nekorobi..

    Dein Top auf den Fotos sieht toll aus btw <3

    Hast du den großen Alpaka auch aus nem Catcher? Is das nich unfassbar schwer? D:

    Viel Spaß in Osaka & Kyoto <3 sicher eine gute Abwechslung zu Tokyo

  3. Gern geschehn~ :3 Ja Ich war im Nekorobi in Ikebukuro, ich mag das viel viel lieber ^-^ Ist zwar teurer als das hier in Shinjuku aber gemütlicher und sauberer.

    Danke! Das hab ich aus dem Galvil lucky bag :D Hab's nur deshalb gekauft haha xD

    Jap hab ich :3 Nee ist gar nicht schwer! Ich kenn ein game center wo du immer fragen kannst ob sie das plüschtier etwas anders hinlegen. Manchmal machen die das sogar von sich aus wenn sie sehn dass du's nicht hin kriegst. Ich hab das grosse bei zwei mal probieren gekriegt, nachdem der staff von sich aus es etwas anders hingelegt hat. Das wichtigste ist bei grossen plüschies: nicht greifen sondern drücken ;D

    Danke :3 werd ich sicher haben ^-^

  4. I agree with you about valentines day! I think nowadays it's just important for stores so they can sell more xD but I will still kinda celebrate it ^-^ but it's weird that you HAVE to give people chocolate in order to not be rude though XD

    the cats are so cute! I hope I can also visit a cat cafe when I'm in tokyo ^^

  5. I'm dying to go to a cat cafe one day~ I am obsessed with cats aha *_*
    I can't wait until valentines day! :3

  6. Japanese people are just way too crazy about this day. I think the same that this day is just for the shops to get money xD" Well here it works, especially for chocolate shops haha~

    Yes they are! ^-^ I can give you the other Cat Café if you want to visit it :3

  7. It's nice to be there, but not the same as with your own cats ;) It's good to have cats around you and be able to pet them but it's not the same.

  8. I think it's cute get excited about 'special' days... Maybe I'm the strange one '-_- Alpacas are so so cute! And you shouldn't have told me about your shopping service... I WANT YOU TOO BUY ME ALL THE THINGS NOW!! TT_TT Okay... really.

  9. Hahahaha xDDD I can get you a lot~

  10. Aww so cute cats >w<


  11. yes~ always love to see them :3


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