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2 TV shootings and my new apartment~

Hello~ 8D
Yes I am still alive and sorry for only posting today but I was so busy with school, TV shoots and moving that I didn't find the time to blog properly. Oh btw it's snowing again here in Tokyo since this morning. Meh hope I can get to school without any problems.
Anyway let's start!

TV shoots

First one was at TV Tokyo and unfortunately I don't have many pictures since we were not allowed to make some. It was for the show "Ariehen∞Sekai" with Kanjani8, Haruna Ai, Becky and other famous people. I wasn't on TV since I only went to see Kanjani 8D" My friends Emu, Linda and Shernise will be in it. 

So we went there, I didn't find the f*cking building at first, and when Kayo-san and me were waiting to get picked up I realised who that group of boys walking by were... Kanjani! Yes~ in front of TV tokyo x_X I was so suprised that I didn't do/say anything. So the assistant came and we went with him inside the building. Strange feeling, seriously. On our way to the other girls, the famous actor+singer Yusuke Kamiji crossed us in the hallway and we had to stay calm. So hard! We came to the room and had to wait until it was time to go see the filming.

When we could finally go, we were first watching the live show on a TV in a small room just beside the studio until our 3 girls finally went inside to be on it. So exciting! Kayo-san and me could go inside the studio and watch the filming.
I can tell it was so weird to see all those famous people right in front of me while being filmed, for a show I already saw on TV myself. It was nice! Although I really hoped to be able to talk with Kanjani or Becky later, what wasn't possible, I felt first disappointed but then I realised that I am so lucky.

Second shooting was for NHK for the show "Rhousoku" with Yamaguchi-san from Tokyo as Host and there were two Popteen models too. Kumicky and another one which name I forgot~ but she's not that famous as Kumicky. So yes it was again not me who was on TV, since they always just want girls who speak fluently Japanese and I don't. I met Tabea, a really nice girl from Germany, at Shibuya station and we took a Taxi together to get to NHK. Haha first time riding a taxi in Japan 8D

Oh well when we arrived we could go inside and the girls were already waiting in a room. They were there much more early for their hair to be done etc. We took a lot of pictures together, derp time ftw!

with the twins Emi and Lea
 with Emu~
 with Linda~

The producer came to get Tabea and me since we could watch the whole show being filmed. So nice~ When Kumicky came in she looked at us and smiled like she does so often. She's hella pretty but for my taste way~ too skinny. Yamaguchi-san came in too and I was like "another Johnnys in front of me 8D" hahaha so weird! A year ago I never thought that I would meet so many in such a short time. Well the filming started and they showed some gyaru models on recording first and talked about the style with Kumicky and the other model. Then it was time for our girls~

waiting to go on TV
the set, behind the screen you see Kumicky~

All the people on the show were like "eeeeeeeh~ O0O" When they've been showed the recording from earlier in the week xD" So funny! Our girls walked in and were welcomed with a lot of tension by the kids in the show haha~ They got asked a lot of questions etc and could speak with Kumicky too. Filming finished and we went to our room again.

On TV!

In the room we were waiting for Kumicky to have time. We were told to wait an hour and moved to the lobby, since it would be easier to see her there. We were all so tired and hungry but we wanted to meet her in person so we waited. When we got told that we'd had to wait again about 20minutes some of us said they have to go because of another TV meeting (yes gaijin gyaru are really famous atm) and then the producer said she would ask if the could interrupt the interview for 5 minutes for us. So nice! So Kumicky came to meet us and we were all like *____* hahaha~ xD" We all felt really tall since she is even with high heels really tiny. Here's our picture together:

the whole group with Kumicky-san 8D

So yes these were our TV shoots this week only. Beside these I also had to study for school and most important: move to my new apartment. I am now in it and I am so happy to be here. Eventhough I have a cockroach each day and the gas doesn't work yet. My apartment is only 17minutes to Shibuya which is super convenient for me and I don't have to get up that early anymore 8D It's a really small apartment but I love it and I felt from the first day on "at home" which is really good for me.

These pictures were made on the first day when I got the key and brought my first things inside, now my apartment is filled with my things and I had to buy a lot of needed stuff too. Like kitchen utilities, bathroom utilities and I also got myself a cute box from My Melody to put my stuff inside since I don't have a proper big wardrobe. It will get a bit hard when my friend Caro comes to visit and my boyfriend later too since it's really not big but can't wait for them to be here! I really miss both of them ;_;

That's it for today~
See you soon (hopefully)


  1. You all are beautiful! <3

  2. Thank you! <3

  3. OMG I WOULD HAVE DIEDDDD if I met any K8 member... esp Subaru or Shingoooo omg omg omggg how fun for you gals!

  4. So you know how I felt xD I was inside like " ansdnaksdhueibc aeih O_____O XDDDD" but outside I was just like ^_^ xD" hahaha

  5. Lenie Dingemanse2/08/2013 3:19 pm

    heyhey sutewi,

    How is it in japan ? *_*

    hope you have a great time ^^

  6. Beautiful photos. Your hair always looks immaculate! ^__^

  7. Hi~ I'm good :D It's so much fun living here ^-^

  8. Thank you sweetie! But my hair looks often horrible and I don't like it at all ._.

  9. I don't believe it! You always seem to have amazing hair in every photo I've seen of you!

  10. That's because I often wear half wigs ;)


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