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Snow in Tokyo // Cat Café again // new gets

Hello my dear readers!
I hope you're not mad at me because I don't blog that often? It's just that I don't feel like blogging nearly every day ._. I mean okay I live in Tokyo now but I have a normal life here. But if you'd like to see pictures of my everyday life too, such as pictures from my school or my guesthouse, just let me know! Since I want you, my readers, to like my blog :D

So this week something happened here in Tokyo, I didn't expected in such a way. Snow. A lot of snow. On monday, Coming of Age Day called "Seijin no Hi" which is a national holiday, I woke up at around 11am and read on twitter and fb that it was snowing outside. I thought "uh yeah snow, surely not a lot" ahahahaha~ stupid me 8D So I opened my window and I was like O_____O DAMN! So much snow~ I was like noooo~ please stop I have to go to Ikebukuro today ;O; Since I was supposed to meet my friend from france. Well I got up, ate something and prepared to go out. Oh heeeeeell no impossibru I tell you. The snow was so high here that it got into my boots when walking in the snow. My jeans and my legs were all wet because there was a snowstorm going on and it took my 10minutes to get to the closest station which is usually about 3minutes away. I got to the ticket gate and yai~ no train 8D since it is a monorail. I knew that the Yamanote Line was still running but that would be a 15minutes walk in normal weather, so no thanks. I told my friend and I decided to stay at home that day and to study. I just went to get some food where I crossed a small group of people wearing Kimono. Yep they did, in that weather.

So obviously I didn't take many pictures in Tokyo that day. Only 2 which didn't came out well because of the snow storm. So if you'de like to see some really nice pictures of Tokyo covered in snow, go see Tokyo Fashion's post! It's awesome~ I love their pictures. The poor girls in their Kimono for the Seijin no Hi but because of all those colours it looks so pretty.
For Tokyo Fashion's post click here.

 Here's a picture I took the next day on my way to the station. You can see the Sky Tree in the middle. There already was a lot of snow melted but still, awfull to walk in.

snow turned into ice ;^; horrible to walk on!

During this week, I didn't do that much.
I had school in the afternoon and only went to Harajuku once, quickly to 109 after school and yesterday I met my french friend for dinner and I wanted to show her the cat café.
Here's an outfit picture I made in SBY in 109.

I know really simple but it is freaking cold here! Not really -15° but the wind is seriously freaking cold. It's usually about 6° during the day but when there's wind you're freezing. That's the reason why I wear a hat and jeans. For a skirt or shorts with stockings it was way too cold, well for me. Japanese people walk around withour any stockings at all, only high socks, crazy people.

Since I went to 109 and Harajuku I bought some stuff, beside my usuall things to eat etc. 
Here's what I got!

Liz Lisa stuff on sale! I love the sale :D

oh those furry things aren't Liz Lisa, they are from a shoe shop in 109

 some really cute accessory to go with my red dress

Other brands~

 a cute and cheap bag from Gal Fit in Harajuku

 and lots of stuff~

a cute notepad, a folder for school, hair accessory from claire's, new lashes, new foundation, cute phone strap plus you see my phone and a leo berret I always wanted :D

So yes, the sale is going to end at the end of January and the stores already start to get their new spring collection in. Omg so many nice things at Liz Lisa, it's hard to resist because I have to because I will move into my own appartment on the 2nd of February~ :3 

As I said I went to the Cat Café again with my french friend. I took some cute pictures for you again :3

that's me with my friend :3 she's so cute and loves Arashi too 8D

cute cat again~ I call him "King" 8D and another one chilling

this cat is so tall! I love it~ and her fur is so soft ;^; 

 most of the time I was occupied to pet this cutie 8D

 So I guess that's it for today~
Tomorrow we have a small Gyaru Meet again ^-^
Will blog about it for sure! See you~


  1. Stefanie Chan1/19/2013 11:15 am

    hi, I was wondering if u ever wanted to do a shipping service thing :) because it's hard to buy authentic Lizlisa clothes in the states ^_^ is Lizlisa still having a sale? please visit my blog too, that will mean a lot to me:)

  2. I wounder if u could make photos of your school :O I think it would be interesting to see ;)

  3. Anitawestside1/19/2013 12:42 pm

    Is beautifull Tokyo snow.

  4. Hey~ I'm still thinking about doing one but earliest I'd like to make it in february, when I am in my own appartment ^-^ I'm gonna keep you updated on here anyway ;D Yes Liz Lisa still have their sale going on! I think it's until the last of January ;)
    Gonna take a look at your blog too.

  5. I could :D Maybe I'll make some next week ;D

  6. Yes it is! but lots of trains weren't running ;_;

  7. it's really awesome o.o you practically can't go out when it snows in tokyo? amazing...

    btw the picture of the woman in kimono is beautifull, but sure she felt so cold haha

    i really wanna go to that cat café... ;w;


  8. You can but is kind of hard to walk since japanese don't clean the snow of the street or use salt for the streets like europeans do. So you risk to walk in really high snow no matter where you go or that you risk to slip. The trains usually run, but are delayed.
    I decided to stay inside because it was way too cold and exhausting.

  9. OMG your new gets are so cute! <3 wish I could be in japan too .. ;)

    and the cats are funny o(-^.^-)o

  10. Thank you! ( ^ w ^ )v
    The cats are so nice looking at when they are sleeping xD

  11. got it, i think it must be really annoying then if you have to walk on a high snow, i really like your blog

  12. exactly! Thanks so much ^-^ It's nice to hear :DD

  13. Such cute cats!!!
    Especially love the ones that look angry, way to cute!xD



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