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New Year's Gyaru Meet (picture heavy)

So I was so busy the last days! We had our Gyaru Meet on the 4th and 5th of January and today I've been to a ViViD concert at Akasaka Blitz. Anyway I'd like to share some pictures from the meet with you. It was a really nice meeting and I hope to see all the girls soon again~ 

Day 1

Meeting point was at Hachiko in Shibuya and from there we went to get something to drink~
At that time we were only 4 girls: Anie, Michi-san, Nicole and me. After that we went to make Purikura of course ;D

group picture in the purikura machine~ 

 with Nicole and Michi-san :3


After the purikura we wanted to go to the Alice in Wonderland café but it was full. We made a table reservation for 8pm and went to get something to eat at a nearby restaurant. Ashley had joined us at that time. She's such a cutie!

Ashley, Michi-san and Anie

 this picture is so cute of Michi-san and Ashley! Love it

this is what I got: Cheshire Cat Berry Parfait

The Café is really really nice but so damn expensive! We had to pay 10,300¥ all together... I think this was my first and last time at that café. During all this time we talked a lot and enjoyed the cosy atmosphere since we weren't that many.

full group shot!

Since Ashley had joined us later we went to take some Purikura again~ 
 personal full shot with Michi-san

 group shots~ 

Day 2

On the second day we met at 109 and went first to the Gyaru Café 10sion, in which the meet from august was too. We spent some time there and time flew so fast! Some of us were also interviewed by a TV crew Kayo-san organised. I wasn't since at the time they wanted to interview me I had to pick up Ashley at the station. Later they forgot me and Ashley, but oh well~ I don't mind. Kanjani8 are going to see me anyway 8D yes~ the TV crew was from Kanjani's show! Ah I was so freaking out when Kayo-san told me that xD" And the TV crew was like O_o until I told them that I like Kanjani. They were really happy to hear that~ 

Maryon, Tina, Me, Stella, Michi

me with Stella and Su Kim 

 with sexy Ashley 8D she came from a Mejibray in store event~
Maryon, Tina and Su Kim

Stella, Kayo-san and Michi

 Our whole group! 

After we've been at the Café we went to Club Sega to make Purikura, yes again~
Some of the girls had to leave already but at least they came :3
Here's a full group shot!

 and some from Ashley, Michi, Stella and me

Later we went to an Izakaya to get something to eat and drink in Nomihodai 8D
All you can drink~ and it was sooooo much fun! It turned out that most of us had the same interests like some bands etc. Kayo and I even have the same ideas and views on different things regarding the gaijin gyaru community xD so funny! But I think that the people in the Izakaya weren't that happy since we were kinda loud. We enjoyed our time together and had a looooot of fun too!

 Shernise, Ashley, Stella and Michi

shame on me I forgot her name Dx, Kayo-san and me

After Izakaya we wanted to leave and at the station 3 really cute japanese girls started to talk to us :3 I was so tired and I had to carry Ashley home safe, since she was a bit dizzy. Anyway we took the time to make a nice group picture for the last shot of the day!

 I know I didn't write much, there are more pictures then text but it was a nice day and I think the pictures speak for themself 8D


  1. super lovely post <3 I envy you soooo much Q____Q Das erinnert mich alles so an das meet up im August ^^ und dass ihr sogar nochmal in dem gyaru café wart, cool XD
    nice to see that you all had so much fun ^o^ And all of you looked amazing <3

  2. Wow!! Gorgeous!! You girls look great!~

  3. thank you~ <3
    das hier war viel weniger stressig xD" ja Kayo-san kennt die Besitzerin vom café deshalb waren wir dahin und haben deshalb alles etwas billiger gekriegt ^-^

  4. Very very happy to see you guys too!! I wish to do it again T^T

    must save much money to come back again LOL

  5. All of you are so pretty!!
    I love meet up post,each of them always look happy and beautiful >w<

  6. Waaaa~
    You all look so adorable! *___*

    I've never been to a gyaru-meet, only to lolita..I think there are no gyaru meetups here! :o

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  7. Thank you~

    Depends where you're from ^-^ There are Gyaru Meets all over the world!

  8. Thanks~!
    Yes that's why I love to go to meet-ups 8D

  9. You must! XD
    I want to meet you soon again <3

  10. I'm from Finland, there are some friends that all like the style and get together, but not real organized meetups, maybe I should organize one! :D

  11. You should try! usually it gets other people to come to except your friends only ^-^


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