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New Year's Eve in Tokyo

Hello everyone! :D
So I celebrated New Year's Eve in Tokyo, in Shibuya. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g~ Well we were in a club for the countdown xD" but anyway we had a great time there!

I met with Anie, Maryon and two friends of them at Hachiko and we went to drink something first, then made purikura and later ate something before we went to Atom (the club). Unfortunately we couldn't make a lot of pictures because it was so dark in the club ;^; But if you want to see some pictures from Shibuya on New Year's Eve go to Tokyo Fashion! They have a whole post about it ^-^

So here are some pictures I took with the girls~ 

 with the lovely Anie~

and Maryon :3

and~ the 3 of us :D

It was so fun with the girls!
In the club we sat on the Ladies seat 8D and met two nice Japanese girls who were dancing with us all the time until they had to go ^-^ So cute! And of course there were so many guys trying to hit on us. Since it was New Year's Eve we stayed friendly and only wished them a Happy New Year and then ignored them or showed them the "Ladies seat" sign xD" In Atom there are a lot of western people too, which was really weird. When we danced the guys who really got on our nervs were the western guys. Why do they always feel like hitting on you just because you're in Tokyo and you're non-japanese too? Seriously not cute at all. Well anyway the music was really nice and Anie and me were happy girls too xD They played freaking Fantstic Baby by Big Bang! XD Omg it was my dream to dance to that song in a club filled with people enjoying it too. Hahaha~ sounds weird I know but the moment was awesom. What I liked about the music is that they play a big range of different kinds of it. They played Jpop, Kpop, american hiphop, house, trance, dub step, etc awesome right? I can't wait to go clubbing again :D The only bad thing was that they played "we found love" by Rihanna a lot. It was so getting on our nervs xD" Well they played a lot of songs a couple of times but that song was the worst.

Here's also one of our Purikura:

After the club we were on the way to the station when I saw that Don Quixote was still open xD At 4.30am in the morning! Hell yah Tokyo 8D I went in with Anie and Maryon left with her friend already because they were both really tired. After this little shopping we went to get our breakfast at McDonalds 8D and later went to the station after lots of Japanese people wished us a happy new year. Japanese are so cute when they are drunk and stay friendly :D

Here's what I got at Don Quixote and today:

a new eyeliner, the new Egg and Popteen, two pairs of nails, a spray for my hair and a Chopper lip balm 8DDD

Well that's it for my New Year's Eve ^-^ 
I was at home at 6am and didn't do much on the 1st :)
Now it's 4.30am already and I have to leave the guesthouse at 6am to go to the fukubukuro sale at 109. It's gonna be so horrifying I think x_x but I can't miss it 8D

See you soon~ 


  1. Hi, what contact lenses are you wearing here? They look so lovely!


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