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Last meet with Stella-chan // alpaka hunt~

みんな、こんにちわ! ( ^ O ^)v
How are you~? I'm super fine because I will move next weekend ( * w *) Can't wait to live in my very own apartment. I checked today how I should pack all my stuff and came to the conclusion that I probably have to empty a suitcase in the apartment and bring it with me back to the guesthouse to fill it again. The big problem are my shoes and my coats, they take so much space ( = _ =°) Oh well gyaru problems 8D

This week, on wednesday I met Stella-chan and Michi-chan. Btw Stella is a famous blogger from Indonesia! Please take a look at her blog too :3 She's such a cutie and her blog is really nice too. Here is it~ So yes I met both of them after school in Shibuya and we went to get something to eat and make Purikura. 

 the three of us~

We went to a restaurant called "Sweets Paradise" and omg best thing ever! The have all you can drink+eat for only around 1500¥ for 80minutes. Heaven! Best thing ever to do if you are hungry and you love sweets, like me. We ate soooo much I think I gained on that day only one kilo ( ;^;) But the sweets were so freaking yummy ( * _ *)

first plates we got, I think at the end we had like 10 xD"

It was really nice seeing them again because Stella-chan had to leave Japan already, she only was on vacation here, and Michi-chan is always nice to meet. We talked a lot and had lots of fun too, I'm gonna miss Stella-chan so much ( TT___TT)

 me with Stella and Michi

We went to take Purikura and I already had to leave to go home and study ( . __ .)
Anyway it was a nice evening and I hope I will see them soon again!

outfit shot~ (I look weird)

I also took a quick outfit picture in the bathroom xD" The light there is always so nice in Japanese Department stores and they have full body mirrors too, which I don't have at the guesthouse.

Hat: 109, Coat: Ma*rs, Skirt: Liz Lisa, Shoes: Flag-J, Pullover: Liz Lisa (not on this picture)

On Thursday I met my cutie Ksara-chan in Shinjuku!
We wanted to hunt for alpakas 8D She loves them as much as I do and since we know that there are a lot of arcades in Shinjuku and it is really easy to get alpakas in the machines, we went there.
We only spend around 2500¥ each and for example I won all these:

uh yeah baby 8D

We also made some purikura together. Derp purikura ftw hahaha xD"

yep we took picture with our alpacas 8D

 full body shot~ I know my outfit was boring x_x

Oh btw the shoes on the pictures are the new boots I got at 109 this week :D

Okay so that's it for today!
Hope you like it :3


  1. oh gosh I can't wait to be there with u and go hunt for alpakas too maybe? ^^ Isn't there anyone who could help u move? I mean, another one with a suitcase?

  2. Of course! :D I will show you how to get them easily~
    There is don't worry ^-^ a guy from my guesthouse said he would help me on saturday with the heavy stuff :)

  3. I love sweets paradise. Can't wait to go there again next time I'm in Tokyo ^_^ Love your outfits!

  4. Anitawestside1/27/2013 11:54 am

    the alpacass is love.

  5. I love it too :3 Thank you!


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