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Karaoke // Terebi shoot // Cat Café

Hello everyone~
Sorry for only blogging now but I didn't had much time during the week ._. I am sick too ;^;  Went to the doctor on friday morning and got antibiotika Dx Hopefully it gets better soon!

Anyway I'd like to share some stuff with you 8D

This week I met my friend Katharina after school and we went to eat something together and later we went to Karaoke too :D It's been a while for me playing Karaoke :3 It was so much fun! Since we sang "Daite daite daite senorita~"  together and "Seishun amigo" 8D We are so stupid haha but it was fun.

Kathy and our purikura from that day~

The day after I've met Kathy, there was a small gyaru Meet again for a TV show!
It's airing on the 19th of January at 8am on TBS~

I felt so stupid for not being able to speak Japanese properly ;^;  Hopefully this will change soon! I'm studying hard and I give my best to graduate from the 1st Level in March. Ganbarimasu~

The girls on the picture from left to right:
Michi, Shigemori Satomi (host), Linda, me, Romi,
Kayo, Ruppi and Mikitty
  All so nice and cute!
Romi, Ruppi and Mikitty speak Japanese too but are for example half Spanish and Italian :3
It was nice meeting them and I look forward to watch the show next week!

After the meet I went to make some Purikura with Kayo-san!

Here you can see my outfit too! All MA*RS :D

Yesterday I met my friend Nao again~
Feels always nice to hang out with him and I am so grateful to have him here since he helped me to get a Japanese mobile phone :D He got me his old prepaid card and I bought a second hand phone at a small shop in Ikebukuro.

Here it is~

Isn't it nice? *_* I am really happy~
Thanks again!

So we went after getting my phone to a Cat Café in Ikebukuro. It is a really nice place~

The cats are soooo~ pretty and cute! It felt awesome to be around some cats again after two weeks :3
Cuddling and petting cat fur is my huuuuge addiction xD
Gonna go there soon again I think.
Here are some more cute cat pictures I took~

Nao with that cute cat who's making a weird face xDD

 the cute cat again, I love her ears x3 and the soft kitty sweet kitty purr purr purr 8D  
 sweetest face ever~

kitty was playing on the top of the chair, all of them got nervous because it was food time!

 All the cats 8D

That's it for today!
See you soon again~


  1. viviana arrighi1/12/2013 9:22 pm

    wowo...i love the cats**!!are so cute,ehehe^^!
    I like your outfit in the and Kayo are relly lovely, her outfit is so cool^^!!

  2. oooh tolles Outfit hattest du an <3

  3. thank you~ :3

  4. wow that cat café looks way too cool! gotta note it for when i go to japan haha


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