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January Gyaru Meet! // meeting my friend Séverine // new gets

Hey everyone~
Thanks so much for all your nice comments on my last post. Felt so good reading them ;^;  Please keep on writing comments and ask as many questions as you want to! I'd love to answer them 8D

January Gyaru Meet

On sunday we had a small meet again with my friends because Séverine came from Switzerland during the week and we all wanted to meet her. After everything was set up, Kayo-san got a call from the TV crew who filmed our first meet that they missed to film some parts so they'd like to join us again. So there was a TV crew again~ X_x Seriously I think I better stop counting the times I am on Japanese TV, it gets too much. I should really ask for money xD" Kayo-san said so too!

But oh well, anyway we met at 109 and went to get something to eat. We wanted to go to a Family Restaurant but everywhere were so many people already waiting to get in so Kayo-san phoned a Japanese food restaurant and got us a table. yai food! The food was so freaking delicious~ Like always we talked a lot and at that time Ksara-chan joined us. Yai! I love her 8D She's getting my BFF hahahaha xD Gonna meet her tomorrow to hunt for Alpakas, because we love them and because we can.

Lis, Em, me and Ksara :DDD

Séverine and Kayo-san

 Michi and Shernise

Em and me (sorry iPhone cam is crappy in dark areas)

After we ate something we went to make some Purikura at Club Sega! So lucky because the TV crew paid for them :D Nice right? We enjoyed our time together like always~

all together in one machine 8D

and me with Ksara-chan! Love this puri!

Shernise and Ksara-chan fixing their make-up 

super derp desu 8D

Well as always we went to the Gyaru Café Tension after this 8D Get all the drinks!
While we made the purikura the TV crew filmed us a lot x) and in the Café too. They made interviews with each of us and filmed us while talking to each other. They also made like close-up shots from our make-up x-x I hope my make-up was okay at that time, didn't check it Dx

me with Séverine :3

group pic taken in the elevator xD

After the Gyaru Café we went to 109 a bit. And you won't believe me who I saw there. We were waiting at the front entrance for two of our girls and then I saw here. SakuRina-san! I was like "wait... omg .... that's SakuRina O0O!" I was freaking out and asked the others if I was right and they were like "who? don't know her" and "oh idk sorry" ;____; Are you serious?! You don't know SakuRina? Dx shame on you! And no I didn't go to here and talked to her because I was too scared ._. I mean I was like screaming inside and it was so hard for me to stay calm at that moment that I wasn't able to say even one thing. But I was happy! I hope I'll see her again so I can tell her that I love her style etc >< She was the first Gyaru Model I liked and I still love her and her style.

I also took an outfit picture on the meet!

Bolero: Btssb, Dress: Liz Lisa, Thights: H&M, Shoes: Liz Lisa, Bag: Gals Fit, Accessory: Liz Lisa+gifts

Oh and look at those freaking cute ear warmers Ksara-chan had. 
I want a pair like this too ;^;

So that was our Gyaru Meet! Fun like always and I can't wait for the next one~

Meeting Séverine~

took this while I waited for her at Hachiko :3

Yesterday I had school until 3pm only so I asked my friend Séverine if she'd like to meet since she's gonna leave again soon. We met at Hachiko and went to Arcades since she wanted to get some cute plushies for friends and family. She was so lucky! She got at a machine a Winnie Pooh which she didn't wanted so she gave it to me. Thank you cutie :3 I love it! It's now bouncing on my schoolbag x) I love Winnie Pooh because my boyfriend loves it and so now I always think about him when looking at Pooh xD

isn't it cute ;^;

On our way to the next Arcade we passed the Lindt store. I was really happy to find it and got myself some white chocolate 8D You won't get any good Japanese white chocolate here so I was starving for that one. It wasn't even that expensive though. Happy me xD

So after we've been in the other arcade we wanted to drink and eat something~ We decided to go to 109 since I wanted to go throught the shoe shops too, I needed some new boots. Yummy cake was yummy~

We also made some purikura that day but I wasn't able to download it ;^; Maybe a friend can get it for me Dx Hope so because I love having them in great quality on my phone and blog!

Latest Gets

Here is what I got myself yesterday and today~
cute skirt on sale from Ank Rouge, Winnie Pooh, Diamond Beauty light pink blush, new Candy doll concealer, cute Rilakkuma I got from my friend Sandra in school, 3 pairs of new tights

My boots aren't in the picture because I was to lazy to get them from the entrance xD" Gonna show you a picture of them in my next post~

That's it for today ( ^ _ ^)v


  1. No one knew who Sakurina was!?!? Whhhaaattt?? No way! You should have gone and said hello! :) It would have been so cool! Your outfit is nice too! I like you hair!

  2. Most of them didn't! Only two of us ;_; Yes I will next time :D I'm sure I'm gonna see her soon again 8D
    Thank you~ I wore a half wig :3

  3. I'm really shocked that they didn't know who Sakurina is T_T She's THE
    gyaru idol! *^* If you see her again just talk to her! It will be a
    beautiful memory!! And take pictures with her *-* Oh you're getting even
    more beautiful everyday *-* Your outfit is just perfect ;__; <3

  4. Gonna try to do so! ><
    Aw~ thank you :3 but that's not true xD" I just dress more gyaru-ish in Japan haha~

  5. Looks like you all had lots of fun! :D
    Love the new items <3

  6. Aw how fun! I've never been to a gyaru meet before but it looks like so much fun :D

    how could someone not know sakurina??! how funny XDD

    I hope there is a meet when I come to Tokyo! ^o^

  7. Stefanie Chan1/23/2013 7:13 pm

    I also bought that dress ^_^ I bought the brown one :) I'm going to blog about it in my Lizlisa clothing haul ^_^
    soon after I receive my package :)

  8. I have always so much fun when I read your posts ! ♥ When and where can we see the meeting that was filming for tv ? I'm so curious about it !

  9. Thank you so much <3
    I don't know yet! I hope I will get to know it soon and if yes, I'll let you know!

  10. You really have to go to one if you have the opportunity to do so ^-^
    When will you come to Tokyo?

  11. I'll be coming to Tokyo for a few days, probably june 17-20th i believe!! I'll be in japan from june 3-20th but my last days will be in tokyo ^^

  12. If you're here let me know! I will talk with Kayo-san and we will make a meet especially for you ;D

  13. Oh really!? Wow that is so nice of you T///3///T thank you!! I will let you know for sure!<33

  14. you're welcome sweetie!


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