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Fukubukuro Sale 2013 (picture heavy!)

Shibuya  109
our tickets
First day, 2nd of January, I went with Anie to Shibuya to go to 109. We decided to meet at 7am at Hachiko and then go queue up for the Sale. Well we thought that it might be horrible and at first it really looked like that too. We were guided to the underground for the queue and had to walk a long long way through the underground of Shibuya until we found the end of the queue. Anie was so scared she was like "omg no that can't be true!" all the time but I knew that Japanese queues always go fast. And I was right! When we arrived at the end we got tickets (pic on the right) with a number on it with which one we could get into 109. 

We didn't check the time at which we got in but it went really quick. In 109 the horror started. We went to the escalator to go to the Liz Lisa store first, there were way too many people but (!) no pushing at all. At the Liz Lisa sale we had to queue again for the Fukubukuro, but we only waited for 5 minutes or so and could get our bags.

waiting in front of Liz Lisa
After Liz Lisa I went to Ank Rouge and Anie to Glad News. We seperated because we thought it might be better and since the people stayed calm and didn't run like idiots or so, we could easily choose a meeting point. Done in about 5 minutes again, met and went to Glavil where Anie got a bag (I wasn't sure yet at that time). When I told Anie that one of the shop staffs was  "that" model from Egg she was all happy and wanted to tell her that we knew her. I'm sorry I don't remember her name right now but she was really happy and thanked us for supporting her and Glavil. Well when we got our bags we left 109, it was 8.30am only. Yes you read right.

me with mine and Anie's gets!
Outside we sat down and took a little rest before we went down the stairs to check on the clothing exchange which took part in front of 109. While standing there a really friendly guy came to us and wanted an interview with us. I didn't really want to do it, Anie was kinda pushing me and she was like "your japanese will be okay for this!" but I didn't want to embarrass myself so I asked if he could speak english. Luckily he could get one of his crew there who spoke english. So we waited for them and they filmed us while we were opening our fukubukuro and were asking us questions like "how did you know about the sale?", "do you have fukubukuro in europe too", "what do you like about japanese fashion" aso. They were really friendly and it was fun to do the interview with them.

the exchange corner in front of 109
After that Anie and I went to a coffee shop to get breakfast 8D And then we decided to go to Shinjuku in the afternoon too, to get maybe more fukubukuro and to see Shinjuku since Anie hasn't been there yet. Here's a last picture of us in front of 109 ;D

looking tired as fuck but happy 8D
Since I was in Shibuya today (3rd of January) again I went to 109 again to get the cheaper version of the Ma*rs bag. I had seen pictures on the net of the inside and I really liked the coat. I also got myself a lucky bag from Cinderella Chance, which is a brand for accessory, it cost only 1200¥. So why not getting it right? Well that are the fukubukuro I got in Shibuya.

Shinjuku Alta

In the afternoon we met again to go to Shinjuku. I wanted to go to Shinjuku Alta, Ma*rs and Marui One and so we did. First we went to Ma*rs but I wasn't sure about the lucky bags and couldn't find anything else I was really liking so we went on to make some purikura as long as we didn't have that many bags yet ;D We got something to eat, went to the Sanrio Gift Gate and went to Marui One. Luckily! I never expected to buy a Fukubukuro there but now I am really happy 8D

Since Anie hasn't been there yet we went through all the floors and no there weren't many people. I also passed by Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine bright, Alice and the Pirates and Jesus Diamante but their lucky bags were too expensive for my taste so I didn't got any. I am thinking about leaving Lolita anyway so it wouldn't really be worth buying one too. At La Pafait I checked their lucky bags and was soooo thinking about getting one. Himeko came to us and asked if she could help. (Me being like yaiiiii inside) So I asked her what was exactly in the different kind of bags. She explained everything to me and I could even choose the colour for the bag (inside the fukubukuro) and the slippers. I decided to get myself one since usually La Pafait is really expensive but considering how much stuff was inside the lucky bag, the price was ridiculously cheap. And really, that's the only lucky bag where I like everything in it. 
me with Himeko

After Marui One we went to Shinjuku Alta where I wanted to get a Glavil bag after all. Anie had shown me the things which were in it earlier in Shibuya and I really liked them. So we went to Alta, I checked the normal sale at Liz Lisa, got some cheap stuff, and we went on through the whole Alta again for Anie. At Glavil I grapped a bag and Anie checked for things in the regular sale too. Both really happy and satisfied to we went outside and walked a bit around until we took the train home.
So that was all about how the Sale went etc now on to the fun part!

Fukubukuro, what's inside?

Liz Lisa Sweet Ribbon big Tote 10,500¥

Coat, Dress, Top, Pouch, Top, Shorts

I like it but I am really disappointed that it wasn't the exact one like the one on their internet site. They revealed the inside and it was completely different from what I got. A friend of me got one in ikebukuro and there was inside what was on the site. Anyway I like it, really simple but I need that too. I am thinking about selling the dress in the middle, if anybody's interested just leave a message.

Liz Lisa Sweet Ribbon Boston Bag 5,250¥

Cardigan, Dress, Top

I like it. The Cardigan is really comfy and warm. The dress is simple but cute and those kind of tops, well I use them a lot. As for the Big Tote it wasn't what they had on their internet site, disappointed me again.

Ank Rouge 10,500¥

 Winter Coat, Pullover, another Pullover, Top, Skirt
Cardigan, scarf or whatever this is

Ank Rouge is disappointing too but the clothes are warm! I love the coat, wanted to get one like that anyway somewhere and the pullovers are really warm so usefull. I want to sell the yellow top and the skirt, they don't look good on me at all.

Glavil by Tutuha 10,500¥

Shorts, Top, Berret (hat), Outer, Pillow, Dress, Necklace

All in one: love! I only don't like the berret but the rest looks really nice and is so comfy too! Can't wait to wear those things 8D Interested in the berret? Let me know!

La Pafait 15,750¥
 all Room Wear items:
Jacket, leggins with furry part, bag, shorts,  slippers

  Top and dress

and I got this scarf as novelty item too!

Short: PERFECT! I love everything and the scarf is so freaking cute! Nope not gonna sell anything 8D

MA*RS 7,350¥

Coat, Skirt, Top

Love the coat, the skirt is cute, I'm sure that I can coordinate it with something but the top is weird. I will exchange it with Anie for a Glavil top.

Cinderella Chance 1200¥

uhm well accessory xD"

I like it, some nice things some others I never gonna use but I don't regret buying it since it was so cheap. Aha~ 8D

Other gets from the Sale

 Fernopaa top, Sanrio stuff, Lashes and Lash glue, Liz Lisa skirt+pullover+jacket, Prisila Half wig

 alpaca I won at an ufo-catcher for 400¥ only 8D

 d.i.a. jacket, my first d.i.a item ever~ but I love it!

So~ that's my (huge) Fukubukuro haul for this year 8D I know I am crazy but I don't care since I got so many cute things for cheap.

Here are some Purikura to end this post~

I hope my post was kinda helpfull and you liked it!

 See you soon!


  1. The la pafait one is my favorite! *_* and I also like the blue liz lisa top and skirt+pullover! I wish I had them too! Loved the post, thanks for sharing! :3

  2. KarivanderVoort1/03/2013 3:20 pm

    aaaah so mean T^T haha Iike the Liz Lisa stuff simple, but cute <3 The one from Ma*rs also, so typically mars <3

  3. Waaah I'm so jealous haha~! >3<

  4. Oha, super schöne Sachen ♥ vor allem der Glavil Kram..!!

  5. thank you for sharing! I really like that kind of post, you get a lot of lovely pieces ♥

  6. I looooove this post <3 <3 <3 tolle Bilder und tolle Sachen ^o^ ... der Fukubukuro von Ank Rouge hätte mich aber auch sehr wenig zufriedengestellt!!!!!! Da hätte ich mir mehr erwartet! -.-°
    I also looove the purikuras!!! I'm looking forward for every new post <3 Thank youuuuu ^o^

  7. wow that's totally cute! I had no idea the fukubukuros sales in shibuya109 were like this! I hope i can get one someday haha
    btw i'm following you from now on :3

  8. it is but still I hoped for more special things ;^; well in the ma*rs one I only like the coat a lot xD" the skirt is cute but the top was such a cheap material! Happy for the coat since it's warm.

  9. aww~ don't be! <3

  10. Danke~ ja ich bin letztendlich doch froh mir den gekauft zu haben ^-^

  11. you're welcome!

  12. Danke~ :DDD Ja das Ank Rouge zeugs war enttäuschend ;_; aber trotzdem süss und praktisch jetzt fürn winter auf jeden fall xD"

  13. I imagined them to be more of a horror scene haha xD but they aren't! Well there are a lot of people yes but they stay friendly.
    Thx for following! <3

  14. Hab unter den vorherigen Post geschrieben ohne den hier zu sehen xD Also die Ank Rouge Fukubukuro is ja mal sowas von enttaeuschend, ich wuerd mir so in den Hintern beißen wenn ich die gekauft haette, sieht alles so total normal und langweilig und auch gar nich nach Ank Rouge aus? o_o"" Bei LL haett ich mich geaergert weil ich kein braun mag aber der Rest ist nice, am Besten gefallen mir die Sachen ausm Sale ^^

  15. Haha jap ich war auch etwas enttäuscht von Ank Rouge. Besonders weil sie in der Popteen total andere Sachen drin hatten -.- Genauso bei Liz Lisa! Aber manche Sachen sind ja doch noch süss.

  16. Woah your LizLisa fukubukuro is identical to mine.. XD the jacket is so cute?

  17. which one? the coat or the jacket? I don't like both really much :/

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