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Worst surprise ever at the guesthouse

Hey everyone!
So I am in Tokyo now, finally at a warm and comfy place. My travel regarding the flight went perfectly but what came afterwards was just awfull.
My friend Kathy picked me up at the airport and we went to the guesthouse I had reserved a room whoch is located in Ishikawa-dai, so a 2hour ride with the trains from Narita. When we finally found the guesthouse (we were running around like idiots to find it) we were completely soaked because of the rain and tired. So I went in and there was nobody waiting with my key or something. I told them the time I would arrive so this was already quite pissing me off. When a girl, a guest, came outside of her room, we asked her for help and she was all like "oh yeah uhm what's your room number?", so she was searching for it and came back telling us we could just go to the room with her, she would show us everything. She was really helpfull and friendly, only good part.

At the "door" of my room I was already a bit shocked, it wasn't a real door but looked more like a huge board or something where I would have to put a lock on to secure my room. Great right? *irony* I went inside and omfg cold ass north pole and a heater who was from like 1940?! 

the heater......... 

The girl left us and Kathy and me were alone in my room. I started to panic and told her I didn't want to stay there even one night. The heater was working but was stinking too much because of the gas it was working with. Kathy and me took my laptop out and searched already for some appartments. Unfortunately the new year's holiday is starting tomorrow so most of the offices will be closed anyway. I thought about what to do now? First thought: Call Kuga-san! (the owner of the guesthouse I stayed the last summers)
So I called him, explained him everything (with a really whiny voice) and he told me he could give me a room, since we are more like brother sister. First hug needed to give him! He said he would pick me up at Tabata station with his car to get my luggage to the guesthouse. Kathy and I closed my suitcases, took my stuff and left the ghost-guest-house (that's our name for it now) and went to the station. Another 45minutes ride, it's not like we were in trains since about 2 hours right?
At tabata station Kuga-san picked me up and Kathy and I started to make jokes about the ghost-guest-house already since won't go back there anymore. 

In kuga-san's guesthouse it already started with meeting a nice girl from Italy, the guy from New York who was here in summer too and others in the guesthouse I already knew. And that's why it felt like home opening the door to my room.
I really thought "now I am home and can relax". So here I am now, in a completly different guesthouse as planned, far away from shibuya (40min train) but happy and really important: warm.

I know that's a lot of text and no pictures, but I just wanted to let you know my worst guesthouse experience for now and that my friends could all read it. Lots of them asked already worried what happened, thanks guys! It's good to know that you think about me ._.

Well tomorrow I will meet Anie in Shibuya to go clubbing for Sylvester :D can't wait! I will sleep really long tomorrow and try to be as fit as I can xD"



  1. Owh Steffi... Hope 2013 will start on a better way ! J'compte sur toi pour écrire tout sur ton expérience de 6 mois là-bas et prendre pleins de photos, j'ai hâte de te lire et passe de bonnes fêtes alors ♥

  2. Merci ma petite <3 C'est sûre que je laisse mon blog up to date ^-^ J'ai déjà beaucoup à faire la semaine prochain :D sylvestre, lucky bags, gyaru meet and concert ~


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