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Tally Weijl gift // outfits

Hey everyone~
Do you remember this picture? ( ^ - ^)

It's from the Day I met Sui-chan in Cologne. 
We were in Tally Weijl and they had this offer if you take a pic with their bunny you'll get 20% off.

Last week I checked my twitter and saw that the official Tally Weijl twitter favorited and reblogged my picture and other posts about the boots I got there. I went to their fb page and saw that they wanted the picture with their bunny, so I sent them mine. 
They sent me a mail, asking for my adress since I won their special gift. So surprising! They wouldn't tell us what we won, so I had to wait for it.

Two day ago the package arrived and this was inside:

Ah super cute Tally Weijl bunny! ( * w *)
Appearently it should play music and idk move somehow but it doesn't work Dx I still think that it's really cute and such a cute present! I love pink so I even love him more ;D first thing I thought: fuck logic, how he's 'listening to music' ;D whatever haha ( ^ _ ^)

Thank you very much to Tally Weijl for sending me this cutie!

Today I was really bored so I tried new lashes out. I got them in Tokyo in summer but never got to use them. The ones I wanted to try were Diamond Lash "Glamorous Eye" and "Princess Eye". Unfortunately the lower lashes, princess eye, don't fit my eyes at all. I am thinking about selling them, I used already two pairs since they break so easily and I don't know if I will get them to match my make-up when I cut them or idk. Well I'll see. Here are some derpy pictures I took today.

I only took face picture with my iPhone since my little canon only makes crappy pictures in my room. Might be because of the bad lightning in here ._. Sorry guys! Next time I have to make better pictures during the day. The only good pic that came out was the one with the bunny ( ;^; )

Here are two outfits!

One from November:
Pullover: Topshop
Top: Liz Lisa
Shorts: Zara
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Jennyfer

And one from today:
 two sides since I think it doesn't look that nice from the front.

Headdress: SBY109
Top: Jennyfer
Cardigan: New Yorker
Belt: Jennyfer
Skirt: MA*RS
Boots: Tally Weijl

I noticed that I have tons of nice skirts and shorts but so boring tops! I really need to get some more who match Liz Lisa and MA*RS. For the skirt in the picture my friend Kathy got my the matching top at 109, I posted a pic of the set in this post.

So that's it for today!


  1. ohhh mega süss deen huesiiii :D

  2. gell :3 su knuffeg <3

  3. Kari van der Voort12/06/2012 11:33 pm

    awwww what a cute bunny!

  4. Awww that bunny is maddeningly adorable! haha fuck logic indeed! XD That sucks about your lower lashes. I'd hate that :/ My princess eye diamond lashes are nearly finished and were the first ones I went through when I ordered a bunch of new lashes...they're so flimsy it's ridiculous.

  5. Isn't it? XD but it's cute anyway ^-^ I think my eyeshape isn't meant for dramatic lower lashes or I have the wrong make-up technique ._. It really pissed me off that the princess eye lashes are so flimsy, I couldn't move them when putting on without losing hair from them. sucks.

  6. So pretty! :3
    I love that bunny rabbit~ I want one now *_* looks so cute!
    I really like your second coord, especially the skirt :D MA*RS FTW!

  7. Thanks sweetie! <3
    I try to wear more agejo coords atm ^-^ Including MA*RS and Golds Infinity x) but because of winter it's so hard ;^;


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