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Short update~

Hey everyone!
Today I just wanted to make a short update ( ^ _ ^)
I was kinda busy to get all papers needed for Tokyo and now it's time to pack my suitcases ( x _ x) In less than a month I will be in Tokyo already Dx Oh god... it's so hard when you leave your boyfriend here ( ; ^ ;) But he'll visit me in March so I'm happy too ( ^ _ ^)v

At the moment I am sick, yai I catched a cold 8D and so I don't wear/dress gyaru or put make-up on. So no outfit posts this week, sorry ( ._. ) But anyway I have one picture for you 8D

I met a nice girl from Switzerland, Anie, through fb and we write since some time now, because we want to meet in tokyo, maybe party sylvester eve together, and go to the fukubukuro sale in 109 too. She's such a cutie pie! I can't wait to meet her :3 Here's her blog if you're interested!

Well what I wanted to say is, that I told her that I am a lonely gyaru here in Luxembourg so she said I should join the swiss gyaru group on fb. She's the admin there and two other friends of me are in it too ( ^-^) And now they have the "Gyaru Improvement Meme 2012" going around and I thought why not? So here it is!

 As notes: 

The first 4 months I wasn't really active in Gyaru since I had pre-exam time and exams in may, so those photos are really boring (except the one from february 8D). For March I wrote Non-gyaru month because it was THE month in which one I had to finish a lot of my essays, paintings etc. If you follow my blog since the beginning of the year you might remember my posts about school :)
So you could say that from July on I kept being more active in Gyaru. Those were the months were it was hard to choose a picture too xD"And I know my pictures are really bad quality... I am so lazy to take good quality selfshots 8D" Oh btw the one from september is a picture from my brother's wedding! We got the pictures two weeks ago (^ - ^)

Hope you still like it!
Thanks for watching~


  1. Kari van der Voort12/03/2012 5:07 pm

    I like the octobre one <3

  2. Thanks ^-^ that's from Halloween x)

  3. Awh no! I hope you feel better soon ^^
    Love your improvement! I'm glad the meme was useful :D


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