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Outfits // gets+dekoden // Ank Rouge

Hello~ everyone~ 8D  
*talking with japanese accent* 

How are you all doing? Hope everything's fine and I wanted to thank you all for following my blog. It feels so good getting comments and followers :3 Anyway let's go on what I wanted to blog about today~

Outfits from December~

Here are also two make-up shots from the 1st and 2nd outfits:

 crappy iPhone front camera ._.

For the first one I tried a more decent make-up. I didn't wear any lower lashes, only played with my natural ones and some eyeshadow and eyeliner :) And the other one is kinda typical me x)

I got myself a new Liz Lisa skirt!
Found it on gyaru_comm_sales and I had to get it since it was so cheap~
It's a nice salmon pink colour :3

perfectly wrapped up+cute note
the skirt :3

  I also made a new dekoden for a friend :3
After she saw the hairbrush I made for Sui-chan I offered her to make one for her too.
And here it is:


Ank Rouge

So since I decided to get a fukubukuro from Ank Rouge too, I thought I should check their webshop. To have maybe an image about what they might have in their lucky bags. I came across so many nice things I want, but unfortunately it's an expensive brand ;^;
Wanted to share everything with you :3

 love this shooting btw!

Tops + Dresses

Accessory + Jewelry
I love their jewelry and hair accessory.
At least I can afford those xD"

And that's it for today! ( ^ _ ^)v


  1. viviana arrighi12/17/2012 11:36 pm

    Good choise for your LP^^! I like Ank Rouge too, i think that is a super cute brand, and Okarie style is super cute^^!! Ii can't wait to see what do you find in the pack XD eheheh.

    Bye bye^^!

  2. Thought so too! ^-^ And since it's more a Himekaji style it would suit me better x) I'll surely blog about my lucky bags! :D

  3. I really like your third look! *-* and I love ank rouge so much! I only have a coat of them at the moment but I want more! looking forward to see what's inside the lucky pack ^^

  4. Thank you! :3 I don't have anything from Ank Rouge yet, so I thought a Lucky Bag is a good way to start ^-^ gonna make a huge post with all the lucky bags ( *^*)

  5. How much are those fukubukuro bags? I was thinking about buying one myself, but I hear they're costly and idk where to get them.

  6. All the infos I got about the bags are in this post:


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