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latest gets // another Tally Weijl gift!

Hey everyone~
So I don't want to make a long post today. I'd just like to show you what I got this week ( ^_^)
Some packages arrived for which I was waiting since a loooong time and another unexpected one too!

My orders:

I got my orders from including:

- NEWS World Quest single LE+RE
- Yamashita Tomohisa "EroP Live Tour 2012" DVD

I was so happy to finally got the DVD since it's my concert!
I mean the concert I went to in Tokyo ;D
I also made a review about it, 1st part and 2nd part

And my Global PSC Fanclub order:

- the GazettE Black Moral iPhone4 case
- the GazettE fanclub magazin n°17
- ScreW scrunchy designed by Manabu

I love everything I got! 
I'm already using the phone case and the scrunchy will go with me to Tokyo for the ScreW concert 8D I watched the DVD already on the day I got it (it's so wonderful) and the CD is on my computer too.

Tally Weijl gift, again!

You remember this cute bunny I got some time ago from Tally Weijl?

I got it after submitting my photo with their mascot!

Well I had written in my entry that the bunny was broken. (It was supposed to play music and move) So after they, Tally Weijl, had read my entry about it, they contacted me again and asked for my e-mail adress. I gave it to them as I thought they wanted to send me some publicity or idk since they said "we will give it to Alex who's in charge of our blog!". Uhm okay...

So this week I got this really nice e-mail:
"Hey Steffi,

How are you? My name is Alex and I’m working in E-PR in TALLY WEiJL.
Thank you for sharing your e-mail on FB!

I wanted to say that we’re very sorry about the BUNNY! It had to break during delivery.
That’s why I sent you a small X-Mas gift and now it’s on its way to you!

I hope you will like it!:)

Merry X-Mas!
 Awesome! Another gift was on it's way to me! :D
And today I got it!

freaking cute headphones!

 including a really cute personal note :3

Here is a closer view of them!

And I already tried them and they work perfectly well. 
Thanks again to Tally Weijl especially to Alex for this cute gift.
Love your shop and service, stay like that please!


  1. Awww so nice things you got!! <33 I'm now very curious about the iphone4 case if I'd want one too XDD Hahaha~ So nice for them to send you another gift! Good service!

  2. yes~ I love all of them :DDD The iPhone case is awesome. It's a hard case in two part (pink one and white one).


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