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Fukubukuro Sale 2013

[last updated 19/12/12]

Hey everyone~
So today I want to make an entry about something I am really hype about :3 It's about the Fukubukuro Sale in 2013. For those of you who don't know what this is, mainly it is also known as Lucky Bag Sale and it is held in the first week of January at nearly every store in Japan. You can buy a (sometimes) huge bag for a fixed price and you won't know what's inside it until you bought it. A suprise bag! Often brands like Liz Lisa aso have different kind of Lucky Bags and the item are worth 50,000¥ eventhough you only pay 10,000¥. Awesome right?! :DD

Maybe some of you already saw pictures about the Sale at Tokyo Fashion? Here are some taken from their site to show you how crazy Japanese people are about it:

in front of 109

some girls with their gets from MA*RS and d.i.a.

 These pictures are taken from their entry about the Sale on the 2nd of January 2012 in Shibuya,

So why do I write about this?
Well easy: I will go too!
Since I will be in Tokyo from the 30th of December on, I decided that this Fukubukuro Sale at 109 is a must for me. If you follow my blog for a while, you'll know that I love brands which are sold there. Basically Liz Lisa, MA*RS, Glavil by Tutuha but I also like other as Ank Rouge, GOLDS Infinity and Glad News. Well for this Sale I'd like to get myself some Fukubukuro from the first 3 brands I mentioned; Liz Lisa, MA*RS and Glavil by Tutuha.

Through fb I know a girl who will b going to the Sale too, she's from Switzerland and I mentioned her already in my last entry. The worst part about this Sale probably is that we have to take the first train in the morning, at around 6am, to go to Shibuya and stand in line to wait that 109 opens at 10am 8D crazy right? But definitly worth it! Think about having 4 bags of your all time favorite brands full of clothes, accessories etc and you paid not even half of the price for them!

Anyway I'd like to show you the infos I found about the fukubukuros from the brands I'd like to get myself.

So let's start~

Liz Lisa
because it's the most important one~ 

They have quite a lot of Lucky Bag sizes with different prices too.
First we have the small bags, which you can get one each or in a set like shown on the pictures.

left Royal Rose , right Sweet Ribbon

Price: 15.750Yen
Worth: 70.000Yen
Inside: 9 items

Big Tote: 10,500¥ 
Worth: 50,000¥
Inside: 6 items

Boston: 5250¥
Worth: 20,000¥
Inside: 3 items

Premium Trunk Carry
Price: 21,000¥
 Worth: 70,000¥
Inside: 10 items

And this suitcase is the beauty I'll get myself~ 
I am still thinking about getting a sweet ribbon boston bag too, but I'll see.


I only found one for them, but I know that they also have 2 or 3 different kinds each year. They usually have lucky bags for Real MA*RS, MA*RS and maybe theis year for Princess Melody too?
The one I found is this one:

Price: 10,500¥
Worth:+/- 40,000¥
Inside: top, outer, skirt, bag

Usually they also have a cheaper version and a suitcase too. 
Here's one from last year:

Finally more infos about MA*RS!

from MA*RS website

Glavil by Tutuha

Price: 10,500¥
Worth: 50,000¥
Inside: Devil blouson, cross bon shorts, 
limited colour cross necklace, logo cushion +/-2 to 4 items

I am really unsure about the Tutuha one atm.

They finally released what's inside their lucky bag!

the lucky bag + items shown

cute devil jacket and top

back of the top and shorts, cushion

limited cross necklace

I was so happy when I found all this. Now I only have to decide which lucky bags to get from each brand ;^;

And I finally found infos about~

Ank Rouge

I am thinking about buying me one of these too :3
But possibly one of the cheaper versions.

 Price: 5,250¥
Worth: 15,000¥
Inside: 3 to 4 items

 Price: 7,350¥
Worth: 20,000-35,000¥
Inside: coat, knit, bottom item

 Price: 10,500¥
Worth: 35,000-50,000¥
Inside: coat, knit, bottom item and more

Instead of the picture above I also found this one for the 10,500¥ bag:
I think that the outer of the bag depends on where you get it (online shop or real shop).
The first pic is from the popteen shop and the second one from the official ank rouge shop.

If you need more infos on other bags please go look at all these links above.
I collected all of them the last weeks :3
popteen shop
passe-sp shop
internet shop

japanese blog with lots of infos

Hope you find what you're searching for ^-^

For now I am sure about the Liz Lisa suitcase and possibly a big one from MA*RS too. I read that in the latest Popteen issue from January 2013 the Lucky Bag infos are talked about and maybe even what's inside. Last year they had that too that they showed what's inside. Good and bad thing I think. Good so you know which one to get so you're sure about your purchase and bad because it's no longer a suprise. For Tutuha I really prefer to see what's inside actually, because not everything what they have is my taste. Well I have to wait for more infos.

If anybody of you knows where to find scans for the new Popteen January 2013 issue, please let me know! And also if you know more about the lucky bags of MA*RS or Tutuha!
Thanks in advance.
For those of you who are now really interested in those Lucky Bags, take a look at this cathegory from Tokyo Fashion where it's all about Fukubukuro!
Click here for more

So that's it for today!
I am so in the Fukubukuro fever right now~ 
And I am sorry for not posting that often atm but I have a lot to do until I fly to Tokyo on the 29th of December. I'll hold a good-bye party on the 22nd with my friends and celebrate christmas with my family before I leave. Omg... only 2 and a half weeks left... Holy shit that went so fast X_x I have to start packing Dx

See you soon! (hopefully)


  1. oooh, you're luckyyyyyy ^o^

    ich wünsch dir auf jeden Fall viel Durchhaltevermögen und Glück!!! Hoffentlich bekommst du dann auch, was du willst!!! Ich hab gehört, dass einige immer sehr schnell weg sind ^^° d.i.a. z.B. aber das willst du ja eh nicht XD
    Wenn ich könnte, würde ich mich auch ins Getümmel stürzen!~haha

  2. Vielen Dank <3 Ja ich hoffe auch xD" geb mein Bestes *_*

  3. I am coming in 30th december as well and prepare to buy all the fukubukuros 8D
    you can check to download the popteen 2013 issue!! :)

  4. Let's meet up! :DD Until now we are 4 to gaijin gyaru go to the sale and it would be nice if you joined us too! ^-^
    And thanks for the scans, I already found them yesterday ;) I'm gonna update my blogpost today :)

  5. I'll be in Tokyo as well and am really excited about all the fukubukuros!! Would love to have a shopping buddy as I'm coming in from Spain (well and Thailand for Christmas) :)

  6. So let's meet! ( ^ _ ^) For now we are 4 girls for sure for the sale but would love to be more! Add me on fb if you have it :3 so we can chat!

  7. Hello, I'm a gyaru from the U.S. who wears mainly Liz Lisa, and I love your blog! The reports and photos are really interesting and informative, as well~ I'm regularly in Japan several times a year, and I'll be in Tokyo from 12/21-1/10, do you know of any gyaru meet ups like there was last year? Me and a few friends will be shopping the sale at 109 on 1/2 as well as going to cafes in Ginza/Omotesando and such, but I'd love to go to a group meet up if there is one! ^^

  8. Hi! Thanks for your comment ^-^ My friend Anie and I wanted to organise a meet on the 4th but until now we only found one more girl to come ._. it's a pity >< Please come too, would be really nice meeting you :3 Maybe we even see each other on the 2nd ^-^

  9. That would be great! I'm going out that day to Laduree for afternoon tea with my other gyaru friend, so maybe we can all go out to dinner? : ) I know a lot of great restaurants, so if you let me know where you want to meet up, I can give you some suggestions if you want~ ^^ Is there somewhere I can privately send you my contact info? : )

  10. Oh Gott ich liiiiiiiieebe Fukubukuros. War letztes Jahr dort und habe mich fast totgekauft :D :D Liz Lisa is mir immer zu bluemelig aber dieses Jahr fand ich die Sachen echt nett :) Hoffe du zeigst dann auch innem Post was du so erstanden hast!


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