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Farewell Party // Tokyo I am coming~

Hey everyone!
Hope you had a nice Christmas and could enjoy the days with the ones you love. 
I had my farewell party with my closest friends on saturday 22nd and I am really happy that I decided to make one. We only went to eat something all together but anyway it was a really nice and funny evening. You feel so loved when all those friends come to say goodbye to you because you won't be around for 6 months. Thanks to everybody who came! I love all of you so damn much~

I've got some pictures of the nice evening too, since I wanted some memories with my besties.

Patrice, me and my boyfriend :)

my childhood friend Ayoyumi :3 love you~

Nathalie and me :) So glad you feel better!

Ayoyumi, Tim, me and Marijn
my little group with which I spent lots of time 2 years ago :)
Marijn is my best male friend and Tim is Ayoyumi's,

Angelus, me and Alice :3
You two cuties! I am so going to miss you ;^;

one special shot with Alice :3

 my outfit for that night


I tried some classy agejo look, with a new dress I got at Tally Weijl.

Bolero: Jennyfer
Dress: Tally Weijl
Shoes: Tally Weijl
Accessory: Claire's, H&M

Oh and I (finally) got new nails!
Well now they are gone again because I wanted to pack my suitcases without ripping my thights etc ;D But I loved the design and the length.

I also got some really nice presents, but I forgot to make pictures Dx
I am so busy right now because my flight goes on saturday.

From here on to my next topic: 6 months Tokyo

I seriously can't wait to be there again, but it's also so damn hard to leave all my family, friends, pets and especially my boyfriend behind. The best part is that two of my really good friends, Ayoyumi and Nathalie, and my boyfriend will come and visit me. Not all together so it's even more exciting! 
My flight goes on the 29th at 10.40am and I will arrive at 8.35am japanese time. Can't wait to see my friend Katharina already at the airport :3 She will come over and help me to carry all my luggage to my guesthouse. If I am not too tired, I will go see Kuga-san the owner of the guesthouse I stayed at during the last 3 times I was in Tokyo. Since I have some gifts for him and need to pick up some stuff I left there. 

31st will be so though for me but I will enjoy it as much as I can! On the 2nd finally the Fukubukuro Sale starts~ ah so exciting 8D I can't wait for so much cheap stuff to get! I will meet some friends in Shibuya to go shopping. It's gonna be so much fun.

On the 4th and 5th me, Anie and Kayo planned a new Gyaru Meet-up in Shibuya so you surely are going to see lots of pictures of beautiful girls soon ;D Can't wait to meet all of them. On the 6th I will go to a ViViD concert, yai! Didn't see them in two years. And on the 8th my school starts. :3

So~ that's it for now. 
See you in Tokyo guys~


  1. I miss u so much already <3 love u from the bottom of my heart see u soon in february, honey <3 our big dream will come true after all! <3

  2. ooooh, my god!!! You're so lucky!!!!
    Ich wünsch dir eine tolle Zeit in Japan!!!! Kauf tolle Sachen beim Fukubukuro sale und macht ein tolles meet up und lern fleißig und hab Spaß!!!
    hope you can blog sometimes from Japan ^^°...if you find some time ^^
    by the way: dein elegantes agejo Styling gefällt mir sehr gut ^^
    bye bye <3 <3 <3

  3. Good Luck in Japan, I know you're going to have a magical time there! Enjoy it! <3

  4. oooh wie die Zeit vergeht...ich wünsche dir total viel Spaß und komm wieder heil nachhause ;)
    freue mich schon auf deine Berichte :)

  5. I want to wish you a lot of fun and good luck in japan! <3

  6. Thank you~ <3
    Ich geb mir mühe mit dem bloggen >_<
    und danke wegen dem styling :3
    bai~ <3

  7. Danke schön :3 mach ich ^-^ ich werd sowieso weiterhin bloggen ;D <3


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