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Shopping Service Review

Hello everyone!
Today I will write a review about a shopping service I recently got from a really friendly girl on fb.
The shopping service I am talking calls itself "Japan Shopping Assistance Service" and at first everything sounds so easy and not expensive at all on their site. 
You can take a look yourself here:

 Just before Halloween I checked MA*RS' webstore for their new offers and found this awesome set:

On their website they mentioned something about a special Halloween set for only 6195¥. I thought that a "Halloween set" means top and skirt in one, but today I know it doesn't. 
I can't blame the shopping service that ma*rs has a weird definition of "set" but the way he replied to my questions today was really unappropriate.

Well first about the service itself in notes:

Contact: 3 of 5
He replied really quick but didn't really answered to questions. Naiv as I am I thought that he understood me well when mentioning like 4 times the "set".

Payment: 3 of 5
I don't think that he askes too much ass handling charge or shipping. I saw other shopping services with way higher fees so I was lucky about this one. You have to pay the item first via PayPal (he won't send you an invoice!) and when he got it he will send you the whole charge of shipping and handling.

Shipping: 5 of 5
Item was here really quick since I wanted EMS shipping and it was packed well too.

Now to the worst part,
Complaint reaction:
When I opened my package there was only the skirt inside the box, so I wrote another mail to him asking really friendly if I understood the webstore wrong and what about the skirt I wanted since it was a "set" I wanted. His response was really short: 
"Hello. the link which you sent is only skirt and I wrote the price of only skirt. But you didn't correct, so I thought you wanted only skirt. Regards." 
My first reaction was uhm okay what about my other questions? Well yes I didn't correct him since in his "invoice" (not a paypal invoice but in a normal mail) he wrote the item name in japanese and I can't completely read it so I thought that it was the set I was looking for. I told him that and asked if there would be any possibility for him to get me the top too and explained that maybe I understood the webstore wrong but that he should have told me that it wasn't a set since I mentioned in other mails that I wanted the s-e-t. Again a really short answer: "Hello. Perhaps they still have the shirts."

I thought that he was pissed and so he was. Here is the mail I sent to him afterwards: 
"Hello, In the webshop they still have it I think. Here's the link: 
The only problem is that it's much more expensive than at the time I asked for the set. Is there any possibility for you to go down on the shipping fee or handling fee since it was somehow your fault too. I mentioned a couple of times in my mails that I wanted the set but you only got me the skirt, even when the link was for the skirt only you could have told me that. In the prices you gave me, you wrote in japanese and since I can't read japanese I couldn't correct you. Thanks in advance"

I don't know but I tried to be friendly and wrote in a way he would understand that he made a mistake too. I didn't ask to completely cut the handling charge, I asked if he would go down on it a bit. Well I got this response:
"Hello. Some of my customers order Mars items, but I haven't had such a trouble like you. Of course they can't read Japanese. I think I didn't make a mistake, because I mentioned item price when I asked you to send advance payment, didn't you think the price was so cheap for the set? 
... I am pissed.
He writes in a really rude way (which might be because of his really bad english) but writes if like I am too stupid to understand the webstore. He didn't even answered my questions, like always. Oh well... I wrote him a mail that he's really rude and that I wouldn't need his help again. 
Overall note:
 I give him a 2 out of 5 since he hasn't been really helpfull or friendly since the beginning.
As mentioned before the prices are okay etc but for me it is really important too that the one you give your money to is friendly and answers all your questions and he didn't do that at all.

After I got all these mails, I asked my friend Kathy in Tokyo if she could buy me the top from ma*rs. I explained her what happened and she said that she would get it for me. Upon my arrival in Tokyo in January we will meet and I will get the top. I don't want to pay the shipping again to Luxembourg, so I will wait. At the moment I am really disappointed by the Japanese Shopping Service but also really happy that my friend is so helpfull. Oh well, at least I will get my matching top to this wonderful skirt.

Do I recommand this Shopping Service? 
Regarding their handling charge yes but regarding ever other point no. Also only if you can read some japanese to understand the webstores completely if your asking for an item.
Will I ever buy something with his help again?


  1. Wow, that was a trainwreck. Try a shopping service like

  2. Thanks! Will try it out next time :)

  3. "japaner sin emmer frenndlech" my ass ^^

  4. Ich bestelle immer bei! Die sind unglaublich zuverlässig! Hab bis jetzt immer alles richtig erhalten! ;-) Und ich bestelle oft dort! ^.^

  5. Kann mir nicht vorstellen dass der Japaner ist. ^^ vielleicht sonst ein Asiate in Japan! o_o

  6. Hab grad seinen Blog gelesen...doch Japaner? xD what the hell is wrong with him/her D: Bestell bei Noppin, die sind dort voll nett und professionell x3

  7. Vielen Dank! ( ^ _ ^)

  8. Hmmm maybe there is alot more missing from the messages~
    but from what i'm reading~ he wasnt at fault nor was he rude. The very last one was abit rude probably because of all the email exchanges and he was getting aggravated... but the ones before it was quite clear. "the link which you sent is only skirt and I wrote the price of only skirt. But you didn't correct, so I thought you wanted only skirt."
    Usually sets will have two paragraphs of descriptions if the item has more than 1 different type of product in it. So honestly it wouldve been best for you to double check first through translator and someone who spoke japanese that the item was indeed a set before sending payment--even though he DID tell you 'it was only a skirt'. lol

    hope you find a better service though~

  9. Actually I copied his whole messages, I didn't copy mine since mine were quite long and I tried to explain him what was missing etc
    Well yes you're right he was rude in the last one but that showed me enough that he didn't care. I really tried from the beginning on the be clear and friendly eventhough I wasn't happy when I opened the package and there was only the skirt inside. I checked some paragraphs on the site and it didn't say "only skirt" or something like that for me. Above the pictures was mentioned "Halloween set!" so first thought: skirt + top.
    I know about the two paragraphs that's why I checked the site myself but didn't find anything like that. He didn't tell me it was only the skirt hun. When I asked if he already got the set he answered "yes please choose a shipping method". So it was somehow his fault since he didn't pay attention at all onto what I wrote in the mails. I didn't say in my review that it is all his fault, no I said that it somehow is my fault too but he shouldn't start being rude and since he didn't answer at any of my questions I am pissed.

    Like I said, regarding the price etc this shopping service is okay but if you want one whith whom the contact is easy and clear, this one isn't the one.

  10. is the original item link still up?? to the halloween set thing? or they took it down already?

  11. They took it down after Halloween already, before I got the skirt. That's why I couldn't check if it really only was the skirt like he said. Well can't change it now.

  12. oh right~~ thats true.

    do they often have holiday set sales?

  13. The last time I saw this kind of "set" offer it was for Christmas last year, so I think yes.

  14. es stand beim link dabei dass es nur der rock ist ._. ne freundin geiert da auch drauf und hatte mir den link geschickt um das zu checken >> aber ich finds echt doof dass sie da set reinschreiben und im endeffekt beide items getrennt haben dann .__.
    und wenn du so oft nach dem set gefragt hast, hätte er dir ruhig nochmal sagen können das es nur der rock ist. einfach um sicherzugehn dass die bestellung richtig ist <<

    das tut mir irgendwie voll leid da freut man sich so auf was und es kommt nur die hälfte an ;; aber schön dass du doch noch ans oberteil kommst!

  15. Hab das auch später gemerkt dass beim link nur der rock stand, aber ja wie du auch sagst, hab ich in den mails immer von einem set gesprochen das hätte ihm doch auffallen müssen.

    Ich bin echt überfroh dass meine Freundin mir das top noch gekauft hat ;^; ich werd nie wieder den shopping service benutzen ><

  16. aww gut, dass ich deinen Blog gefunden habe T_T! Hatte zuvor iwo ein total gutes reviiew gelesen und mich gewundert, ob die geld dafür bekomm hat oder so..da stand drin der shopping service wär total zu empfehlen und super nett und alles. War aber eher das Gegenteil! Also bei mir lief es genau wie bei dir ab :( Also ich bin ja im Moment so verzweifelt auf der Suche nach einem schwarzen d.i.a moon belt und hatte da mal gefragt (Bild an email rangehängt und alles) und es kam echt schnell ne Antwort. Die Frau da war aber überhaupt sehr unffreundlich und wollte nicht mal beim geschäft anrufen um zu fragen. d.i.a sachen kann man ja leider nur im geschäft vor ort kaufen :( Und ich sollte vorher echt 70 Euro dafür zahlen damit die fragt :( Auf meine ganzen Fragen wurden sonst auch nich geantwortet und ich hatte ehrlich gesagt das gefühl, dass ich eher um mein Geld betrogen werde bei so einem Service xD Also hab ichs vorsichtshalber gelassen, damit nich unnötig probleme entstehen oder so.. weisst du vielleicht ieinen guten shopping service mittlerweile, der direkt aus dem geschäft kauft :(? ich hab bis jetzt nix über d.i.a sachen gefunden..nur mbok und so, aber die sind da meist gebraucht (ketten am gürtel verfärbt und alles T.T)

  17. Oh je das tut mir echt leid :( Aber ja die sind echt über unfreundlich bei dem service ._.
    Ich wollt ab nächser Woche nen Shopping Service anbieten weil ich in Japan bin und ich die Shopping Services alle so teuer find xD" Schau doch einfach nochmal nach dem Wochenende meinen blog an dann hab ich mehr infos drauf ^-^

  18. Das wär echt so cool wenn du den schwarzen moon belt besorgen könntest *~*! Ich war schon fast dabei den unfreundlichen shopping service doch zu nehm, weils grad kein anderen gibt T.T Gerne *___*! Kann´s kaum abwarten x3!

  19. Ich hatte auch NUR schlechte Erfahrungen mit diesem Shopping Service! Ich hab ne Menge bei ihm eingekauft und vorab auch schon 180 € schicken müssen bevor er (is glaub n Kerl) üüüberhaupt erst mal n Finger krumm gemacht hat. Und selbst als er das Geld hatte musst ich ihm 100 Mail schicken damit er auch endlich mal WIRKLICH auf die Sachen bietet die ich haben will (bei manche Sachen die ich wollte hat er GAR NICHT mitgeboten). Am Ende meinte ich zu ihm ich würde die Sachen gerne lagern (in einem Eintrag auf seinem Blog schreibt er selbst das er es anbietet) und dann meinte er nur er könne dann nicht garantieren, dass nichts abhanden kommt ausversehen und er wird sie nicht lagern. Daraufhin meinte ich dann soll er mir eben noch den ausstehenden Restbetrag per Mail zukommen lassen damit ichs zahlen kann, dann hat sich's. DA hat mich dann der Schlag getroffen. Nicht genug das er zu den Inlandsversandkosten in Japan ordentlich drauf geklatscht hat, nein! Er hat auch zu den internationalen Versandkosten draufgehauen wie ein Gestörter. Aus seinem Blog kann man entnehmen, dass er ein totaler Nerd und mit dem Job sicher total überfordert ist. Ich werde auf jeden Fall auch nicht mehr dort bestellen - Lektion gelernt.


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