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Japan Expo in Brussel

Here I am again with a little entry (with lots of pictures) from this year's Japan Expo in Brussel. It was my first time there. My friend Nathalie and I decided to go since we've already been to the one in Paris and wanted to know how this one is. Well it's much smaller than the one in Paris, like everyone can imagine. But it was nice anyway! 
Compared to another smaller convention, the Animagic for example, this one had much more merchants with more different things to sell. There were also some live performances and other activities such as martial arts etc. The cosplays weren't as good as on the Animagic though....some were seriously awfull... Oh and what seriously got on my nervs were all the (creepy) people walking around with a "free hug" sign. Guys that time is over where that is seen as cute, please stop!

Anyway, I really liked it but I don't know if I will go again next year. The 3 hours of train (one way) are really exhausting and not worth it when you spend only 3 hours at the Expo itself. I was really happy that my old friend Nando accompanied us to the Expo and offered to spent some time at his appartment in Brussel. We could rest a bit until we took the train back to Luxembourg.

Alright~ here are some of my pictures (^ - ^)v
I didn't take many inside, since it looked like on every other convention.

 myself and Nathalie

me and Nando at the Expo = derp 8D

outfit shot!

Dress: Liz Lisa
Shorts: Liz Lisa
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Kayla
Bag: Liz Lisa
Accessory: H&M, Claire's

After the Expo we went to Nando's appartment we took the time to play with his new little kitty. She's so cute :3 Her name is "Yoda Furchtbar 2 Griffy Valérie" xD I call her Griffy since that's a really cute name ^-^ She always tried to get in my bag x) so cute! I miss having a young cat to play.

 hello little kitty~

 bad picture quality sorry!

At the Expo lots of people asked to take pictures of me. Seriously I wasn't dressed that special no? Maybe it was because in Belgium people are not used to Gyaru and that there weren't that many people dressed colourfull. There were some Lolitas but... ok no comment. Here are some of the pictures I found!

from the so cute Sarah 
Whom Rukipe and I had met in Paris during the Kyary fashion show.
I was really happy to meet her again!

from Tsu Ledouppe @ facebook

And here are my favorite ones!

The cute Mad Hatter's real name is Novembre and he is a really nice person. 
He asked if we could take some pictures together and our pictures turned out to be really funny. Thanks again, hope to meet you again.

 aren't we cute? xD

These are all the pictures I got so far from the people who took pictures of me.
If anybody of you guys finds some, please let me know!
I'd love to see more of them :3

And finally, here are my gets~

Alpaca for a friend, Chopper Halloween 2012 figure and a Chopper plushie

No I didn't get that much and yes I do love Chopper! ( * w *)
If you didn't know that I really love One Piece, well now you know it.
I was searching for my very first Anime/Manga figure and fell in love with this one.
I had seen it on the internet already and in real it was so cute that I had to buy it.

Seriously, isn't he cute?

 That's it for today! 
Thanks for reading~  


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