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Inspiration post: Yoshikawa twins

Hey everyone~
So lately I thought about making an inspiration post of my favorite Gyaru models. Today I would like to start with my all time favorites: Chie and Chika Yoshikawa also known as Guri and Gura.

Both of them are models for Kohakuma ageha since some years and they actually count as one model. Strange no? xD" Anyway, I really liked their styles from the first time on I saw them in the magazine. My twin styled hairstyle was also inspired by them, I had it some while ago I think in uhm 2010? Here's a picture of it!

my two toned hairstyle
I also recently started to use their eyelashes "Gurigulash" which I love. 
Unfortunately my pairs broke and I have to get new ones ;^;

Well enough talk right?
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the twins:



 If you want to see more pictures of them, go check their tag on tumblr or go visit their blogs!
Chie's blog and Chika's blog

That's it!


  1. yes they are >w<
    I hope to meet them one day! *^*

  2. Die sind so süss und sehen aus wie Puppen <3 *__* Die Lashes sind hammer!

  3. Oh wow! They are so cute and pretty and I'm jealous. I want a twin now too

  4. I love the Yoshikawa twins! They make me wish I had a cute gyaru twin/best friend >o<

  5. stimm :3 die lashes sind wirklich toll aber gehn total schnell kaputt ;^;

  6. Haha yes cute look two times exactly the same, that makes one jealous x)

  7. Mh yes at least a good gyaru friend ._. *forever alone* ;^;


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