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Hello everyone~ ( ^ w ^)v
I am sorry that I didn't blog in a while but my life was a bit boring Dx But finally this week it changed and seems like it will last longer this time 8D

So~ this week was Halloween, as everybody knows. Here in Luxembourg it wasn't common to celebrate it, that kids go trick or treat or that there are partys. Since about 3years now people started to celebrate it, sometimes there were kids ringind our door in the late evening wearing creepy costumes and screaming "trick or treat"! So cute x) and of course there were Halloween partys. The biggest one and the most popular one was held by the radio station (where I got interviewed some time ago) in the city. I never went to their party since I never felt like it and my dad is one of those who says that it isn't a luxembourgish custom so we shouldn't celebrate it. 
 This year I decided to go with a friend, kinda last minute, so I had to improvise my costume. I went with my friend Myriam :3 At first it wasn't interesting and fun at all xD" went to clubs where it looked like only 14 years old were and in others there weren't many people yet. All this at the so famous Halloween party from Eldoradio, we were really disappointed and decided to go to the newest club in Luxembourg "M club", where they also had a Halloween party called "M-alloween". And it was the best decision we could do that night! Good music, fun people and we could finally dance too.

Long enough talk x) 
Here is my outfit!

little devil~ 
Dress: Glavil by Tutuha
Top: Jennyfer ('cause it's really cold here)
Belt: Galvil by Tutuha
Socks: Dim
Shoes: Deichmann
Accessory: Glavil, Paris Kids, Offbrand

I dressed as devil 8D"
Since I got myself one of those devil hornes headbands in Tokyo and I had the Galvil belt with wings on it, this was the easiest I could do. I tried to combine it a bit with a Vamp look. Lucky me that I got Prisila halfwig and extensions! I used a halfwig to make this poofy look and extensions to make my hair longer.

As you see I went to the hairdresser and got a straight fringe again. Well I cut that one myself since the hairdresser didn't make it exactly how I wanted it. I also had to cut my hairlengths and it looks quite short now when I curl it. Thank prisila for etensions! 8D

Here are some detail pictures of my outfit,
 before I did my make-up and added the whole accessories:

 And here is a headshot taken in one of the clubs
 I really tried my best with the make-up but it doesn't really come out in pictures ;^;
Next time I will take some clear picture of my eye-make!
I kinda love how my hair looks ( * - * )


Here are some of the pictures taken at the party from Eldoradio. 
Felt like a convention haha 8D

first picture taken outside~

in one of the bars (derp looking me Dx)

 at the photo booth! 
why do I look so strange on every picture? ;_;

 Last shot in M club~

It was a really nice Halloween after all and I think about celebrating it next year again.
But this time with more people who join us 8D


 I hope all of you had as much fun as we had!
My next post won't take that long again ;)
Since I will go to the Japan Expo in Belgium tomorrow.
Stay tuned!


  1. du erenners mech esou krass un Daphne vun Scooby Doo o_o"
    just eben am Glavil style xD

  2. seriously dafuq xDDDD

  3. Phillicia "HeirOfGlee"11/04/2012 3:27 am

    so darn cute, the both of you

  4. You look amazing *w* I love your outfit!

  5. Super cuteeeeeee!! I love everything *___*!
    It's funny cause I went to a bar called El Dorado (looks like Eldoraido) xD and no one wanted to danceee, so my friends and I also decided to go to another place hahah!
    Glad you had fun *___*!

  6. Haha what a coincidence xD Hope you had a great time too!
    And thanks <3


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