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Ddorf + Cologne // meet with Sui-chan

Hey everyone!
As I had mentioned before I spent my weekend at my friend's Caro place in Cologne. We had planned that we, Mirri and me, would stay there until sunday but something happened so we had to come home already on friday night. Anyway, we had a lot of fun!

First day: Ddorf~

We spent it with relaxing at Caro's appartment and afterwards we went to Düsseldorf to make some Purikura and to shop a bit. We arrived really late there, because mirri was so nervous about meeting someone in the evening that she was so confused and took a lot of time to get ready.  Here are some pictures~

Outfit shot:

Hat: Zara
Scarf: Jennyfer
Top: Zara
Belt: Liz Lisa
Vest: H&M
Jeans: Jennyfer
Shoes: Kayla
 make-up shot

Caro and me, love you~
And here are our purikura!


Second day: Cologne and meeting with Sui!

On our second day, Caro and I met Sui-chan. I was so happy to see her again, since the last time is about a year ago and I so missed talking to her. She's such a cute gal and so funny! We had a lot of fun eventhough we had some stress before meeting her. We had to rush to the station, the train stopped suddenly, we had to buy tickets for the train to Luxembourg and I had to meet a girl whom bought a lolita blouse off me. But when we finally saw Sui coming, we were both relieved and happy.
I can't wait to see her again soon! 

 First we went to get some Bubble Tea and took some (sloooow) Puris afterwards.

I love you honey!

posing together all the time 8D
Caro derp and Sui taking pictures (oh those bloggers~8D)

while taking puris (pic by sui)

(pic by sui)

Caro and me :3 I love this picture of us! (pic by sui)

this pic is taken of Sui's blog, I looooove it!
And here are our puris 8D

 last two are pic's by sui

After this we went to Tally Weijl. And guess what...I finally found black over-knee boots! 
I was so freaking happy and they had a promotion if you take a picture of yourself with their bunny, you would get 20%. Done!

by sui

 of course we had to take a mirror pic too 8D (by sui)

The day with Sui-chan was really nice and Caro and I could think about other stuff except the bad news we got the day before. After we had been to Tally Weijl, we went to the main station to drink a coffee and take our train home afterwards.
yummy starbucks~

Thanks again honey for this day! Hope to see you soon again!

And last: my gets!

The awesome boots and my MA*RS skirt which arrived at home on friday too!

and of course lots of magazines and new stockings too from Tally Weijl

Sorry for not writing much and this "quick" post but as I wrote, something bad happened and I'm not really in the mood to write much about those two days. The day with Sui was the highlight but the rest was a bit depressing in some moments ._.

Thanks for reading!


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