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review: GEO Princess Mimi brown

Hey ho~ 8D
"Urgh~ another circle lens review from her?" 
Don't worry it will be the last one for a while ;D

GEO Princess Mimi in brown
The packaging!
As always when you order lenses from you get a free animal lens case.
I so love them :3

Base curve: 8,7
Diameter: 15,0
Expiry Date: 2016/10
Made in Korea


nice colour no?

Natural Light

Flash Light


Design + Colour 

The design is the same one like the Princess Mimi in green, which I use now for more than a year. Since I really liked the green ones I thought I should try the brown ones too and it was a good choice. The colour is nice and blends quite good with my natural green eyes. Other brown lenses often appear too dark brown and have a strong border between the colour of the lens and your eye's colour. These blend perfectly! 
Rated: 5 of 5


Comfort + my Opinion 

Comfort of the lenses is as usually with Princess Mimi: perfect. Compared to the EOS Color ones, I can sit in front of my computer and keep looking at it without any strange feeling on the eyes. Nothing more to say about the comfort actually.

My personal opinion is that these lenses are really nice quality lenses and I think they might look good no matter which eye colour you have. Of course they have the typical Cirlce Lens look due to the black contour and so you need to wear more "strong" make-up. I only wear my Princess Mimi when putting on Gyaru make-up (means with fake lashes).
Rated: 5 of 5 

Here's a picture of me wearing them!

Please don't hate me because of my bad hair! I know that I need to touch up my roots etc. 
That's why I got an appointment at the hairdresser this friday: yai~

Hope you liked the review!


  1. Du hast ja heftig viele Kontaktlinsen! Und mir fällt grad auf was für ein schönes Gesicht du überhaupt hast, haha. Ich wünschte mir würde solches Make up oder sagen wir Kontaktlinsen an sich stehen!

  2. Es geht xD ich hab nur 5 paar ^-^ andere Leute haben viel viel mehr xD
    vielen dank ._. ich bin mir sicher so'n make-up würd dir auch stehn!

  3. It looks so good on you. :))


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