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review: GEO Magic Color violet

Hello everyone~ 
Today I am going to make a short review about one oft the lenses I got in my order. The lenses are from the brand Magic Color and are my first purple ones. Hope this review helps some of you.

GEO Magic Color in violet

packaging + animal lens case

Base curve: 8,6
Diameter: 14,0
Expiry Date: 2013/08
Made in Korea

 lenses in the glasses they came in

Natural Light

 With Flash


Design + Colour
I was a bit surprised when I put them in that the violet covers the green that good. They aren't that large as the lenses I usually wear, so without make-up on I didn't feel like an alien. The colour is really nice and I would recommend them to anyone. 
Rated: 4 from 5.

Comfort + my Opinion

It was the first day I've had them in and as you see my eyes are a little red. I took the pictures in the evening where I had the lenses on for about 4 or 5 hours. Well at the moment my eyes are really sensitive with any lenses and 'cause I cought a little cold. 

On the other hand, these weren't the lenses I ordered. When I made my order I asked for "GEO Angel Color Violet" and then I got these from a completely different brand. I was kinda shocked but the design is exactly the same as the ones I wanted. As I don't think about the brand but the colour of the lenses, it's okay for me but maybe for some it might be a bother.
Rated: 3 of 5

Here's a bad quality picture of my whole make-up+lenses from yesterday.

Oh btw! What do you think of my make-up? I used new lashes and tried a bit to get the eye make from the Yoshikawa twins. Here are the lashes I've used:

I really like the design of the GuriGuLashes but they are really long beside what I am used to. However I like their quality and they give a more dramatic eye effect. The lower lashes are nice too, but I don't like lower Diamond Lashes as they break really easily and they are hard.

So that's it for today, hope you liked it!


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