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review: EOS Color in blue

Another review~
EOS Color in light blue

So I got these lenses for free from
I was so surprised that they even had the prescription I need.
They are more "natural" lenses, no circle lenses, which was a first for me.

Base curve: 8,6
Diameter: 14,0
Expiry Date: 2013/05
Made in Korea

 The lenses in their bottle, as you see they are really simple and of a light blue color.

Natural Light

 With Flash


Design + Colour
I love these lenses! They cover my green eye colour relly good and the diameter is not too big so you can even wear them without any lashes. Means they are perfect for a natural make-up. When I saw them I was kinda unsure because they looked so pixelate, but on my eyes this will disappear.
Rated: 5 from 5.

Comfort + my Opinion

For the comfort I have to say that they were harder then the lenses I am used to. Maybe that comes of the GEO to EOS difference. Anyway I could wear them for some time (for a little shooting only) but to do stuff like sitting in front of the computer and watch the screen was an awfull feeling.

I wont wear these so often but anyway I like them for a change. The lenses I am used too always had black circle around the colour, so these are completely different. To get them for free was the best part about these! I would never had bought these when seeing them on the site because of the pixelate look.
Rated: 3 of 5

 me wearing the lenses~

Hope you liked the review!


  1. wow~ ich mag die lenses wirklich gerne!!! Normalerwiese interessieren mich so reviews immer nicht wirklich.... aber diese lenses sehen wirklich mal anders aus! Dieser natürliche Style gefällt mir irgendwie sehr gut!
    übrigends mag ich deine beret super gerne <3

  2. Danke! Mag sie auch, weil sie so hübsch natürlich wirken ^-^
    Dankeschön :3 ist von Baby <3


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