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Hello my dear readers! ( ^ O ^ )v 
I am so happy to see that I already have 87 followers by now, thanks so much! I really hope that all of you like my blog and keep reading it. ( ^ - ^) At the moment I don't post that often, since my life is only about going to University and prepare for Tokyo. I hope that in November I can go visit my friend Ayoyumi in Cologne with Myriam. I am also thinking about going to this years Japan Expo in Brussel, Belgium, but I am not sure yet. 

Well today I would like to show you something: I was on the Radio 8D
My friend Myriam, also known as Angelus in the Cosplay scene, is currently working at the most famous radio station in Luxembourg called "Eldoradio* and she asked me for a little favour. Firstly I have to tell you that at the moment Luxembourg is in a big hype about Oppan Gangnam Style by PSY, seriously I hate it. The song keeps being played on the radio, in shops and maybe next also in clubs? Since Myriam and I are listening to K-pop since some time now, she had the idea to make a little section for the radio all about K-pop and not only about PSY. For that she asked me, yes me, for an interview. She knew that I listen to K-pop since many years now and that I hate Oppan Gangnam Style. Well here's the link to listen to the interview etc. It is in Luxembourgish, the translation is underneath for all of you ;D

  • Radio speaker: Gangnam Style is currently the Hit, but what is all behind this hype around the korean solo artist PSY? Korean Pop, Kpop, had already cought long before Gangnam Style, the attention of people in America and Europe through internet sites, such as Youtube. Especially in Germany, France and the U.S., korean bands are holding concerts which are already sold out after only 10 minutes. Steffi Goerend (me 8D) a Kpop fan...
  • Me: 8 years ago I started to listen to Japanese music and came across a Korean band which sang in japanese. I was getting curious and reasearched about Kpop and found many other bands. Now I listen to Kpop since 8 years.
  • Radio speaker: The special manner of those artists is really different from the usual charts.
  • Me: I don't like it that Kpop became famous here through PSY because he's making fun of all the commercialisation of music, what kpop is, and people might think that all the korean bands make music like him, are as stupid as him well I don't like that. Instead of PSY I would recommand people to listen to music from Big Bang, which won in the European Video Music Awards 2011 the Best Worldwide Act, and 2NE1. Those bands make more dance music and Luxembourgish people might like that.
  • Radio Speaker: Bands, which sometimes have to 10 members, stand out with their looks and their special style. The music doesn't only appear with catchy songs but also with complex choreographies which lots of fans and even flashmobs all around the world start to imitate.
Well yes that's it~ It was quite funny to do that and I was really curious about peoples reaction here. The day that interview got played on the radio I had some messages and friend requests from other people in Luxembourg who listen to Kpop too. There is also a Korean community for Luxembourg on Facebook and looks like it keeps growing from day to day.


So since University started I don't really have the time to dress Gyaru and do my hair. I try to do it, but sometimes I am just too lazy. I have one outfit shot from the day I went to the Radio Station.

Dress: Liz Lisa
Cardigan: Liz Lisa (not on the pic)
Tights: H&M
Shoes: boots from Deichmann (changed them lates)
Jewellry: Tally Weijl

I love that dress! It's from this year's A/W collection and I got it when I was in Tokyo.

This week I decided to make a Rakuten Order! 
First time to get some Yumetenbo stuff from there 8D
The items didn't arrive yet but I want to show you what I got myself:

 winter boots in white

and a trench coat in brown

I also got my shoppingholics order this week. I was so surprised because I got one pair of lenses for free! So happy~ Because the lenses are blue, I don't have blue ones yet, and they even have the prescription I need. I love that shop!

the package~

I will make a review about the lenses I got. Stay tuned!
And that's it for today~ See you soon!


  1. Jojo evilchocobunny10/07/2012 11:07 pm

    aw I love the things you bought! *-* I wanted the white yumetenbo boots too!

  2. thank you! ^-^ I can't wait to get them :3 those boots are just so damn cute, I couldn't resist


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