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Hello~  ( ^ w ^ )v

I am sorry that I don't blog that often at the moment! m( . _ . )m
My life isn't that interesting through this autumn/winter.
TodayI have some outfits for you and big news ( ^-^ )

First here are the outfits:


1st one from end of september for University

Top: Jennyfer
Dress: from 109
Bolero: Zara
Tights: Vivienne Westwood
Leg warmers: Tutuanna
Shoes: Underground Shoes

make-up shot

2nd one for a random day~

Berret: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Blouse: Jennyfer
Ribbon: My Melody, Sanrio
Jacket: Teens Ever
Shorts: Topshop
Tights: Tutuanna

 I so love the School Uniform influence at the moment!

Make-up shot

 3rd one from today! 


Hair accessory: Kreepsville666
Dress: Glavil by Tutuha
Bolero: Jennyfer
Shorts: from Harajuku
Socks: Dim
Shoes: Ma*rs

make-up shot + hair


Oh and I got new nails

What do you think?
I got them in Tokyo this year. They are quite long and edgie but in a way that I manage to do everything without any problems.

I really like the simple pink/white design with some rhinestones.

So the news are that I will enter lockshopwig's model competition!

Since I found them through tumblr I always wanted to get myself ome wigs and hair accesory from their shop but couldn't decide yet. It would be my first colourfull wig(s), so I am a bit scared that it won't look good on me. But anyway, since I follow them through facebook I read about their new model competition.

For all the infos about the competition please go to their fb:

I entered with a collage of two pictures. One in Lolita and one in Gyaru
Here are some of the pictures I took for my entry~

I wanted to hand in full-body pictures first but since it is for a wig model I decided to take portraits only. The following ones are none of those I handed in. Hope you like them anyway!

 me in Lolita
(became rare for me to wear it)

 and Rokku Gyaru!  
(I feel better in this style)

full outfit shot 
before I decided to put my Prisila ponytails in~

love the lipstick!
from my instagram

Do you think I have a chance? ( > _ <)"
I really hope to be one of the 5 winners ( ; _ ;)
Wish me luck guys!

So that's it for today!
I am going to make a new review soon~


  1. Love the Rokku Gyaru style ! ♥ And that dress, OMG ! Hope you'll win the contest ! You're so cute : 3
    (Yeah, I'm training my english on your blog, haha !)

  2. thank you dear <3

  3. I love your styleee! amazing! I love your glavil dress!

  4. Thank you so much! <3


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