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when you help someone you don't know

Hello~ ( ^ w ^)v

So today I have a video to show you:

This really friendly girl, Jojo Neko, made this video for me after I helped her to get a Glavil cross necklace. She asked about a month ago in the gal community on facebook if there would be anyone who is or will be in Japan willing to help her. I offered my help, since it was a week before I would leave for Tokyo. So yes, I got her one of those really popular Glavil cross necklaces in Shibuya and sent it to her when I was back home in Luxembourg. And this was her way to thank me :3 

Thank you so so much my dear 

I am really happy that I could help you and that you are happy with the necklace. Oh and it's okay that you couldn't say my last name ;D it's not that easy for english speakers ;)

Why did I help her eventhough I didn't know her before?
Well easy: I like to help people and why shouldn't I? 
I would be in Tokyo, I would so go to the Glavil shop and I felt like I could trust her. 

I was already thinking before this, that I should offer some kind of shopping service during the 6 months I would be in Tokyo. What do you think about that idea? My point isn't to earn much money, but to help people to get Japanese fashion items easily.

So back to Jojo Neko :3
She's a really nice girl and has a blog too! 
Please take a look at it if you have time, here is the link:

Thanks for reading~


  1. I think its a really good idea, the service :)

  2. haha good idea! 8D CO&LU and glavil stuff for me pls xD

  3. haha I knew it xD

  4. Aww thank you so much hun :D I really appreciate!....<3!!! You're too kind =3


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